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Author Topic: Superhero account  (Read 8930 times)

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Superhero account
« on: May 07, 2010, 06:16:34 PM »

Superhero account is a set of unique features (you can purchase it for Mech Hero credits)

Overview screen

You can see most important information about all of your cities in one single screen.
- resources (production / consumption / boost)
- cell usage details (buildings / units / support vehicles)
- cell starving timer
- buildings / research / inventory list
- ...

Exchange post improvements

- Possibility of duplicating auctions (for example sell 10 x cells for crystals)

Harvesting debris

- On navigation screen you will see number of harvesters required to collect all debris
- After sending harvesters you will be automatically redirected back to map

Simulator improvements

- You can import city units with all equipment / behaviour directly into simulator

... there will be more comping soon :)

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