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Author Topic: Harvesting battle debris  (Read 17022 times)

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Harvesting battle debris
« on: April 16, 2010, 07:09:38 PM »

After the battle in which there were some losses there are debris fields randomly created in proximity to the battle location.

Debris fields are marked on the map in the following way:

Depending on the battle, debris might contain resources and equipment. (at this stage different icon does not indicate different type of debris)

You will also see information 'debris field' in the information box (when moving mouse over the map)

To harvest debris fields you need a harvester:

A harvester is a regular support vehicle. Follow guide to research and produce it.

After clicking on the map containing debris, you will see the 'HARVEST' option.
Then you will be redirected to your Recycling Workshop:

1. Please select number of harvesters to be sent (each harvester has limited capacity)
2. Double check target location
3. Press 'HARVEST'

- Debris fields are active for 1 day from when the battle occurred. After that, they will disappear.
- Debris size corresponds to the battle size
- You can send a limited number of simultaneous harvest missions (max = level of your Recycling Workshop)
- It's possible that when your harvesters reaches debris filed, someone else has already harvest them. In this case harvesters returns empty
- Debris field map location is still valid for building new cities (debris field disappears after MBB's creates new city)
- You can't obtain anti-building weapons from debris (even if there are lost during the battle)
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Re: Harvesting battle debris
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2010, 09:13:37 PM »

You can preview the amount of resources and equipment that is located on a debris field. Such scan can be performed in a limited range from the city. The base range is 8 fields. If the debris field is further than that, you get the "out of range" message.

In order to extend the range, you need to build a Radar Station. Every Radar Stations level increases the scan range by 4 fields.

Additional range extension can be achieved by building the Experimental Radar System in the Tech Lab. Each level of that research increases the Radar Station's efficiency by 10%