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Author Topic: Recycling workshop  (Read 3206 times)

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Recycling workshop
« on: April 13, 2010, 07:37:42 PM »

Recycling workshop allows you to convert one resource type to another. This means you can transform crystals into power cells or gas into crystals etc. Speed of resource transformation is determined by the level of Recycling workshop. Each level allows you to convert additional 80 per hour (which gives maximum 800 resources per hour, if you build up your Recycling workshop to it's max level 10).

Transforming resources is not 100% efficient. Some resources are always lost during the process. Efficiency depends from input and output resource type as follows:

- 100 crystals can be transformed into 75 gas
- 100 crystal can be transformed into 40 power cells
- 100 gas can be transformed into 75 crystals
- 100 gas can be transformed into 50 power cells
- 100 power cells can be transformed into 20 crystals
- 100 power cells can be transformed into 25 gas

How does it work?

1. In the main Recycling workshop screen put the amount of resources to be converted (you can use more than one resource type), then choose output resource.
2. Click CALCULATE - as a result, you will see the resource output amount and processing time.
3. Click RECYCLE to start the conversion process.

- Conversion process runs in hourly cycles.
- At the end of each cycle partial amount of output resource is added to your warehouses
- Only ONE processing is allowed at the same time

If you want to stop the conversion, click CANCEL - it will return unprocessed resources back to your warehouses

For example:
You process 1000 crystals and 2000 gas, the entire process takes 10 hours.
You CANCEL the process after 2 hours (2 full cycles) - it will return 800 crystals and 1600 gas
20% of output resource has been already added to your warehouse at the end of each cycle

In case of attack, the transforming process will be canceled automatically
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