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Author Topic: Mech unit configuration and maintenance  (Read 8003 times)

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Mech unit configuration and maintenance
« on: March 21, 2010, 04:44:13 AM »

UNITS view presents a list of all the units currently available in the city. On the screen are only mechs, which currently do not perform any tasks and are not being rearmed.

From this screen upon unit selection we can:
(1)   Send units to attack or move,
(2)   Re-arm, repair the mech or order in-house production of weapons needed to equip the mech with the configured set of weapons,
(3)   Apply the arms configuration template (unit must be rearmed upon this action),
(4)   Apply template configuration behaviors.

If mech group(s) has previously been defined they will be added to the group filters (5). This allows for easier setting/setup/posting of relevant unit groups.

This screen also has two additional tabs:
-   Defending city – list of mechs sent as support by other players to defend the city (reinforcements).
-   Defending others – list of mechs sent as support to other player’s cities

Upon unit selection a configuration screen will appear.
Left view panel contains basic information about the unit:

(1)   The unit’s rank (example: Soldier, General…)
(2)   Current unit status – what the unit is doing at the moment.
(3)   Technical details
–   experience – unit’s bonus options are enabled through earned experience points
–   hull strength – health of the unit
–   capacity – how much equipment (not resources) the unit can carry. To carry resources the unit needs to be equipped with transport platforms
–   speed – the unit’s speed both in combat and during transport

The meaning of icons:

- transport capacity – the sum of all mounted transport platforms capacities
- cell usage – total cells used by the unit and its mounted equipment
- weapons range – min/max weapons’ range
- shields defense – additional defense strength

Unit commands:

- Re-arm – If the mech’s equipment configuration has changed the unit must be re-armed. Changing the quantity and type of equipment on the mech does not effect in its automatic re-arming. This step must be performed separately.

- Re-arm @ Repair – Allows for scheduling re-arming and repairing of the mech. These actions cannot be conducted simultaneously.

- Produce missing eq. (equipment) – If the equipment configured for the mech is not in stock, this option will have it produced automatically. As always the mech needs to be re-armed when the equipment is ready.

- Drop all equipment – Removes all the equipment from the mech leaving a sole hull. This option is very useful when striving for power cells because only mounted equipment consumes cells


(1)   Initially there are no predefined templates. Each equipment configuration can be saved into a template, which then can be assigned to units.

(2)   Each of the eight slots visible on mech contour can host only one type of equipment.

(3)   In an already taken slot equipment quantity can be modified. If equipment needs to be added an empty slot needs to be chosen.

Equipment installation follows the same approach.

(1)   Select already mounted equipment (to change its quantity) or a free slot to mount a new type of equipment on the mech.

(2)   Choose the quantity, in which the mech shall be equipped with (default Qty.). Quantity specified as loaded qty. – is the quantity currently mounted on the unit. max. qty is the maximum of this type of equipment that can be mounted on the mech

(3)   The available qty. represents how much of this particular equipment is currently in stock. Total weight refers to the weight of the total number of the corresponding equipment mounted.

The Update button confirms all the changes made.


The two major combat components are: unit’s equipment and its behavior.
Mech behavior patterns are divided into three groups:
-   Target selection depending on opponent’s parameters
-   Movement and target change criteria
-   Escape conditions and building target selection

Each option (2) is described in the help available via the “?” icon – (3). Behavior templates (1) can be saved, applied and maintained same way the equipment templates are. Each template can be assigned to multiple units.

Adequate behavior and weapons configuration is critical to the outcome of the battle. For example if a unit’s behavior is set to “Escape – No weapons” and the unit is unarmed, such schema will be ideal if the only equipment mounted is the transport platform – the mech will escape each time it encounters resistance, if however there is no resistance resources will be stolen from the attacked city. However, if the mech is armed the "no weapons" tactics will not work as expected.


This screen allows modifying unit’s rank and buying add-ons for experience points gained by the unit in battle.

Buying Advanced tactics will enable advanced tactical options i.e. escape if the hull strength < 25%.

Units gain experience only during active combat which includes damaging the opponent (causing damage to weapons or destruction of the unit). The more difficult the battle the more experience points gained and shared between the participating mechs.



Name or rename units, select the unit’s order of display on the units list (smallest number corresponds to the first item in the list).

Group assignment can be done via selecting an existing group from the dropdown list or providing a new name for the Group (the new name is automatically added to the list of groups).

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Re: Mech unit configuration and maintenance
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2010, 01:34:47 AM »

Instructions how to arm you first Mech are also available in form of video-tutorial: