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Author Topic: A little trick to play Mech Hero in your language  (Read 5336 times)

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A little trick to play Mech Hero in your language
« on: March 19, 2010, 06:55:22 PM »

Here is what you need to do to play in your language.
Please note that the Mech Hero Team is not responsible for shortcomings and translation issues as the translation tool is someone else's product!

Before you proceed with the steps below download Chrome browser from and install it. Choose your specific language or proceed with default installation.

No go to step 8 and check if you can see the translation toolbar, if not proceed with the steps below starting with step 1:

1 - Open the tools menu

2 - Select "Options"

3 - Navigate to "Advanced configuration"

4 - Go to "Change font and language settings"

5 - Go to "Languages"

6 - Make sure your language is present in the language list

7 - Change Chrome language to your preferred language

8 - Navigate to and in the pop-up translation toolbar select "Translate"


...enjoy the game in your language :) (example used: Portuguese (Brasil))

Please also note that the translations are not perfect, however, sufficient to ease some translation issues and hopefully make the game play easier

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