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Author Topic: Using basic templates  (Read 5694 times)

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Using basic templates
« on: March 10, 2010, 01:12:58 PM »

To make your life easier we prepared few built-in behaviour templates. This short manual describes how to use them properly.

[Rocket mech]
This behaviour template is strictly for Mechs using Rockets. If Mechs runs out of rockets, he starts to run away. Also if Mech enters a battlefield without any rockets in his equipment he starts to run away immediately.

Mech with [Rocket mech] template will enter the battlefield, try to get in range, shoot his load of rockets and run away as he makes his missile pods empty.

This behaviour template is for Mechs equiped with sniper rifles. There are two weapon types that work best with [Sharpshooter] template. One of them is Long Range Rifle. The other is Precise Laser Rifle. Ofcourse you can also use this template with other long range weapons like Mortar or Ion Pulse Cannon, but both Mortar and Ion Pulse Cannon can be used in more efficient way than as sniper rifles.

Mech with [Sharpshooter] template will try to keep at max weapon range and shoot at his enemies from big distance. As soon as situation on the battlefield gets hot and he starts to recieve serious damage, he will try to run away from the battlefield.

This template works best with mid and short range weapons. Mech with [Soldier] template runs rigth into the middle of the battlefield, trying to get close to enemy and to damage as many Mechs as possible. He will not run away from the batlefield even if the situation gets hot. He will try to escape only if he looses all his weapons.

[Transporter] template is a bit similar to [Sharpshooter]. Mech with [Transporter] template will try to keep at max distance and will run away as soon as he starts to recieve serious damage. The main difference is that [Transporter] Mechs starts to escape if he looses all his transport platforms (or enters the battlefield without them).

When attacking enemy base we recomend to separate figthing Mechs from those that are supposed transport resources. Fighting Mechs should be fully equipped with weapons and those responsible for transporting resources should have transport platforms (and one or two guns to defend themselves).
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