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Author Topic: Mech 3D Models  (Read 336 times)

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Mech 3D Models
« on: May 02, 2018, 07:48:20 AM »

Hi all Mech Fans,
We started working on mech 3D Models wchivh will be used in Mech 2.0. Here is web page with models, having default textures applied.

Few comments:
1) This is not working in IE. (Chrome and Firefox should be fine)
2) Models are detailed, so the page is heavy and may loads even few minutes (be patient :)), depending on your internet connection.
3) Once loaded, page is cached by your browser, so next request launches page much quicker
4) We have no Bionic exported yet as well as other game componets (building, weapons, vehicles, etc).
5) We put a top game Alliance Husaria texture on Nova chassis just for fun :) In MH 2.0 Players will be able to put own emblems and change look & feel of his mechs.
6) More informations and comments will be soon on our video blog which we are preapring.


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Re: Mech 3D Models
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2018, 06:21:26 PM »

Rewelacja, gratulacje


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Re: Mech 3D Models
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2018, 08:57:43 PM »

I'm looking forward to this video blog :)


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Re: Mech 3D Models
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2018, 09:28:34 PM »

Moje propozycje rozwoju MechHero:
1. Zabezpieczenie nazwy graczy na minimum 3 lata. Ranking graczy.
2. Zabezpieczenie lub możliwość ochrony debris.
a. Nowy system radarowy i satelity bojowe
b. Mechy na przygodzie niszczą kombajny
3. Nowe mechy typu bionic
4. Nowe pancerze i osłony (unikalne jak KP)
5. Nowe NPC 25k. Podobne do portali. Jednak z możliwością rozbudowy
6. Nowe wieżyczki obronne. Możliwość dowolnego uzbrojenia. Połączenie starych wieżyczek i mechów
7. Stworzenie nowego zakończenia gry. Tylko dla zwycięskiego sojuszu.

To na wstępie. Mogę rozwinąć każdy z punktów jeśli będzie zainteresowanie,


My development proposals for MechHero:
1. Securing the name of the players for a minimum of 3 years. Ranking of players.
2. Protection or possibility to protect debris.
a. New radar system and combat satellites
b. Mechs on the adventure destroy combine harvesters
3. New bionic mechs
4. New armor and shields (unique like KP)
5. New NPC 25k. Similar to portals. However, with the possibility of expansion
6. New defense turrets. The possibility of any weaponry. The combination of old turrets and mechs
7. Creating a new ending of the game. Only for the winning alliance.

This is at the beginning. I can develop each of the points if there is interest,



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Re: Mech 3D Models
« Reply #4 on: May 06, 2018, 10:56:03 AM »

Really pretty models :) also new texture on nova or is this just a placeholder? Need Bionic tho