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Author Topic: What killed Mech Hero?  (Read 6503 times)

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Re: What killed Mech Hero?
« Reply #30 on: April 17, 2016, 11:47:18 AM »

I know, Enn, that you adore stats and a excessive use of simulator to try various setups and you find fun in that, even in  the Tournament.
I , in the other hand, do not like, nor play, Tournaments and i use simulator 2-3 times one every round, even none in some, like in this on s1..
Endgame near, and i did not use it at all.
I prefer PvP battles...and i think that all about game is in that..cities, buildings,npcs..all that have only one role: to allow player to build strong army capable for attack and for defense...
Limit that..and you surely kill the game once for all;)


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Re: What killed Mech Hero?
« Reply #31 on: April 17, 2016, 12:12:38 PM »

I'm not very big player and I'm still agreeing with bofh and Dean.


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Re: What killed Mech Hero?
« Reply #32 on: April 18, 2016, 02:42:07 AM »

Believe or not, I love good PvP battles a lot.
Well, I not often run in battle just for sake of it, I usually play with wider strategic goals in mind. Sometimes that limit my options a bit. But most I do, I do with PvP battles in mind and for them. Effective and efficient, and most importantly decisive battles that reach strategic goals. ;)
 Beauty of the battle itself is a goal on itself of course. But you know, if war goes in fair fight you do it wrong already. So beauty of battle gets sacrificed sometimes, sadly.
 But I always applaud to any and every battle won against superior numbers just for beauty of it, and any battle where kill rate is significantly different from 1:1 in general (except if it clear execution of course, even if such is needed for strategical goals often).

Yes, I spent in sim a substantiall percentage of my play time in this game overall. Bit less lately, much more back in early days (up to 50% at one point).
Sure, if you have 200 nova and don't mind loses in 1:1 ratio (or worse) because your enemy is times smaller anyway it not really needed. Few tried and true principles will fully suffice. And that is very sad imho, that boils down to mindless game with no skill involved.
Well, there still is a bit that can be done even in big army fights, even with system that broken we have I can position almost every of 100+ novas individually, but the overall improvement that can be reach is still in range of only about 30% sadly, against 200%+ what good setup can give you in sub-30 nova range.

Up to about 50k cells range you can kill any enemy with some size army without any loses at all if know his setup beforehand and adjust accordingly. That's were the real fun of this game is. For me at least.

Some of the most thrilling and satisfying PvP battles I had was actually small and *fair* in close to tournament sense: almost or even exact same cell use and resources value of both combatants.
And the most intense simulation sessions I had was for such PvP battles of course.

Once I spent 2.5 hours in frantic simulation to find out how to kill Pelevin (Verkli) reinforcements at Best_Majkel using every last spider and weapon I had, the result was 30 ST of his, including a full line of full DC, killed by my 27 mostly armed in TG and EMP, I lost two or three, and even that was a bit unlucky. I believed I could eliminate even that possibility, but got a bit tired and more importantly, was afraid he will flee and I fail the opportunity (and that also why I not considered sending the few novas I already had). This remains the most satisfying little battle and simulator session ever for me.

In another episode my spy account suddenly find himself in little private war, I had to bump him from 8 novas to 20+ in a day and was still outnumbered and was too far and not really willing to transfer really good gear over anyway, so it was and remain low tech war. After a couple of cat and mouse, hit and run, counters of counters, etc interesting action for two days or so, I had eliminated the 20-ish nova army of one attacker and with another we reached a casefire without any serious damage to either side done actually. But it remains one of the most fun PvP action sequences I ever had.

was build more than a show off parade force, 100% ballistic setup lol (I not really expected serious resistance, frankly), still I won against superior numbers somehow ;)
Well, the jumper group was result of lengthy research based on already ages old trick, until then I believed roughly 45 are necessary for this effect to work, I cut that in half here.

But almost more fun in that round was to ambush Furion 30-ish nova AB raid with near 60 ST JP sent on short notice from 4 players over wast distance (lol, my own group for that was sitting ready on call for 3 or 4 days, since I had less than 40 min window to send them, for 8 hour ride).

I believe it should be possible to win against twice or even triple numbers with right knowledge applied, and see it as serious game breaking flaw it is not once armies grow past 60 nova or so ...unless your enemy screws up bigtime (like using hold position on mechs in middle of big formation, mass mortars in big fight, stick to target novas or something equally stupid... hell, even mass mortar stick to target novas can in fact kill KP novas, given enough numbers, but with 4:1 loses ratio or so, lol)
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Re: What killed Mech Hero?
« Reply #33 on: April 18, 2016, 06:15:07 PM »

 haha, hey @Enn

i dont remember...but i say it could be. i used to have a few rows of noob jumpers to help smaller allies to not be farmed.

Anyways, agree, i prefer the quality too, not the quantity. But if you limiting the mechs, its a huge modification, so its not working alone. You have to rebalancing the whole game for it--it will be a totally different game. Its not a prob, but seems the devs do not working on the game developing anymore.

There is an easier way...too many weapons in the game! If weapon drops will be really rare and weapon producing will be expensive and last long, I will not DROP 1-2K PLR daily, and i will have far less mechs--just as many as i can arm. What is the reason if i have 1K RG2 on the 2nd week?  Most of the weapons absolutely unused, just becouse easy to collect the better ones. You pray for the first few TG or STJP drop, than you melt hundreds weekly. NEVER used a single RG1, i always have better...why its in the game, if useless? If there are less weapons, ill save and use the RG1, and will have less mechs. The totally useless market could be useful again, there will be sense to producing and selling weapons; many sim player like this. We always despise sim players, let give them a mission! If they have a feeling they are important, more players we will have.


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Re: What killed Mech Hero?
« Reply #34 on: April 30, 2016, 08:46:47 PM »

well the thing with superarmys is razing citys.
the only real effective way to beat a much bigger enemy is to raze his clusters.

now since we know we need between 18 and 28 ab mechs it kinda forces you to send at minimum 80 novas total.
given that a good economy sizue is at minimum 40 gives you a min of 120 total

and that is already insane big on single speed with over 250k cellbleed an hour. thats over 6 million per day, you need to aquire those cells constantly. not to mention armins and managing that mount is a burden its own.

our 300 armys well they where insurance to win the game, after all we where literally a handful active players against the 2 biggest alliances. (and i still wonder why we won lol)

so yea i agre ethat those big armies suck, they do, but without the game itself suck
then you play for moths with no chance to beat unfair alliances and backroom deals, then you aint have much of a war but pure npc and sim action..

as i see it now, the games is more useable in a very short gameplay
if you would make a whole round for let say 2-3 days, maybe even jsut like 15 hours or so.. well that would be a very different animal.

but for a long term game the stress is just too intense, even with low numbers of mechs, if noone feeds them they die.
so mh becomes to much part of your life. and sitter isnt a real good way either. at some point everything is so complex you cant take the burden of feeding anymore really

i think if you wanna ressurect the game you need to know first what you really want, how its supposed to look like and be.
shall it be more focus on army or on gaining resources and simming, shall it be an agressive pvp or a static harvesting game

also the shrinnking of npcs wasnt a very nice idea.
the amount of npcs we did with a million a week as a good average is just plain stupid lol

another thing thats annoying not to see total armys on the server owned by real player
it would be very satisfiying to know from a total of 1k novas youjust killed 300 :)

also i want a nuke, one single mech sacrifice himself and blow up a city ^^
then again supiror efficency in ABing was one of our biggest advantages
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