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Author Topic: new Credit feature - one time purchase - NPC setups as saves in simulator  (Read 1244 times)

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An idea I was wanting to shout long ago: new Credit feature - one time purchase - what give you all the NPC setups as saves in simulator.

Sure, if you have SHA and a good alliance you can compile such a listing fast enough by reviewing, collecting and exporting reports, and probably there is some added fun in doing that. Also any relevant alliance will give one or more compiled NPC lists to its members, upon request if not pro-actively.

But a "paper" listing does not replace exported report, but only way a non-SHA player can have those is trough sitter-transit of simulator setups (still not sure is that a bug or a feature), or building one from scratch, but even I can't exactly list all the special behaviors some of NPC armies use, even more if this now be complemented by not always obvious mech upgrades... 

Again you may hold a point there some added value of socialization to find help and advice from more experienced players or playing try-and-error game to find it out. But not all may be happy with that or lucky to get chance at all. And doubt this will take it all away completely, just give one more option.

From there, and considering the rather big impact this may potentially give for a player who makes most out of it, this can't be cheap, I imagine it somewhere in range of 20~50 credits. But it shouldn't exceed winner prize value, perhaps.
(Or maybe, a special code that gives this specifically can be added to winner prize itself ?)

The simulator saves it adds should be read-only, but removable.
Of course if you later decide you need back those you deleted (probably majority of the tiny ones) you can repurchase them - but again as whole pack at full price of course.

Only thing I'm not sure about where this special feature should manifest itself...
Can this be in Radar Station as associated with a very special type of active scan?
Or be in the mech hanger, perhaps?  :D


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I will try as you say again. Seems like a good thing for me.