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Author Topic: The tale of the three pandas  (Read 2898 times)

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The tale of the three pandas
« on: September 11, 2014, 09:11:18 AM »

Note: This is a pamphlet. The story and all the characters in it are purely fictional. Any resemblence with real-life people and events is merely coincidental.


      Once upon a time, in the great kingdom of Mech, ruled by her Majesty, queen Madamsky I, there were 3 panda bears - Krusty, Yolo and everyone's favorite, DumDum. Krusty was the smart one, he was the one coordonating all their affairs. Yolo was the patient one, he was the one seeking reason where others wouldn't. And DumDum was the strong one, not very bright but he was always the one who did the hard labour because of his strenght. These bears were friends since childhood, they been through alot together and eventually grew up and established their own domain. And it grew big and prosper and they gathered many friends with them. But as arrogance poisoned their mind and fat poisoned their bodies, wealth and the taste of aristocracy made them ignore the rest of the kindgom; as they bathed in gold, the rest of the kindom was poor and barely had anything to put on the table.
One day, a group of puppies moved into the kindgom, upon seeking a new home. They settled near the panda's domain, in a cozy spot and created their own domain, under the rule of soviet communism. For a while, everyone tough they will all get along. Some of the puppies were also friends with some of the younger pandas.
But things don't always go as expected. One of the puppies was rabid, and one night he snuck in one of the panda's house and bit one of his younger children, Pupu. Pupu soon fell ill and died. His father, DumDum, was filled with anger and taste for vengeance. And the following night he acted on it, attacked the puppies village and slaughtered them all in cold blood. Even the women and children. They were all innocent, as the guilty one fled once he realized the implications of what he had done. But the wrath of DumDum could not be forstalled.
Only a handful of puppies managed to get out alive. But what the pandas did not know is that these puppies would grow into big bad wolves, that will return with a taste of panda blood the likes which nobody have ever seen.
For a time there was peace and quiet in the kingdom. With the puppies gone, the pandas returned to their daily farming the crops and bathing in wealth, and being complete bullies to the rest of the kindgom, ignorant to the magnitute of what happened.
Only three years later, in a cold and scary night, the wolves returned with greater numbers and unimaginable strength, and slit the panda's throats in their sleep and burned down their villages over night. In this incredible turn of events, the entire panda domain was burned to the ground in only a few hours, and most of the pandas were dead and their wealths plundered. The wolves shown no mercy as they received none from the pandas the night they lost everything. DumDum and Yolo were dead cold. And the wolves' vengeance was complete.

But the wicked one, Krusty, would not give up. Even on his knees, he would not admit defeat. His only tought was getting even with the wolves, even if it ment abandoning his own son. His mind was clouded by  revenge, he did not realise the futility of his goal. He fled the domain and rebuilt in secret. He stopped sleeping, he dedicated all his life to getting back at the wolves, the same way they did. But a bear can never be a wolf, and so it was. He kept trying to rebuild all the panda domain, including that of his brothers Yolo and DumDum all by himself. What he built during the day, the wolves would crush during the night.  So as sneaky as he was, Krusty devised a sneaky sneaky plan to trick the wolves. But the wolves were always 2 steps ahead of him and knew what's at stake.
Using an outside contractor by the name of Karlsson he was hiding his army under his domain. The wolves knew this but they also could not attack him directly, because he was to small. And her Majesty herself decreted a law which prevents anyone from touching someone 3 times smaller. But Karlsson didn't have citizenship, in fact he was using a copy Yolo and DumDums plot deeds to harbour their armies, which under the laws of Mechdom, was also illegal for one person/panda having more than 1 deed by his name. But her Majesty was away in a land far far away and was blind to such breaking of the law, otherwise she would hang Krusty.
But fate is patient and never forgives or forgets. And so one night, Krusty forgot to feed the soldiers of his duplicate, and having so many contained in such a small space ment their death. And so 100 of his mighty soldiers starved to death. Engulfed in shame, Krusty denies the existence of his duplicate, but we know better. He will continue to crawl like a worm, in the hopes of finding a way to get back at his oppresors.
Once again, the kindgom belongs to the wolf pack to rule as they see fit. But the battle for these lands is not yet over. Soon the time will come for everyone to flee for their lives in a fight for survival that will determine who is strong enough to continue the legacy.

To be continued....

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Re: The tale of the three pandas
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2014, 09:25:42 AM »

LOL :) love it, Neo you have such talent for fairy tales, it almost seems you have chosen your occupation wrong :)

El Quick

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Re: The tale of the three pandas
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2014, 04:22:32 PM »

Note: This is a pamphlet. The story and all the characters in it are purely fictional. Any resemblence with real-life people and events is merely coincidental.

Yes, for sure, that's just a coincidence... LOL

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Re: The tale of the three pandas
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2014, 12:35:32 PM »

lol Furek, you said what I wanted to say. Really, Neo, you should seriously think about changing your job.