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New bonuses for Mechs.
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December 18, 2017, 09:37:50 PM*

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Author Topic: New bonuses for Mechs.  (Read 6809 times)
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« on: April 11, 2014, 11:02:45 AM »

We rebalanced bonuses that Mechs can recieve when they gain experience.

Capacity - no changes
each level costs 5ep (experience point) and gives 5% bonus, max bonus 25%

Hull strength - no changes
each level costs 1ep and gives 1% bonus, max bonus is 25%

Combat speed - we modified this bonus so it adds fixed value to Mech's combat speed instead of increasing it by certain percent
each level costs 4ep and adds +0.2 to combat speed, max bonus is +1.6

Repair speed - we reduced cost of this bonus
each level costs 1ep and gives 5% bonus, max bonus is 50%

Re-arm speed - we reduced the and increased this bonus
each level costs 1ep and gives 10% bonus, max bonus is 50%

Weapons range - new bonus that was added
bonus is different for each weapon (it depends on nominal weapons range), the formula is explained below

Critical hit - new bonus that was added
each level costs 4ep and gives 2% chance of critical hit (critical hit inflitcs double damage), max chance is 20%

Weapon range bonus

The formula for this upgrade is:
upgraded_weapon_range = nominal_weapon_range + bonus
bonus = upgrade_level * (50 / nominal_weapon_range)

This means that bonus is higher for low range weapons and rather low for high range weapons like sniper rifles or Mortar.

Plasma Flame Thrower - nominal range: 35, upgraded range: 49.3 (total bonus: 14.3)
Plasma Grenade Launcher - nominal range: 50, upgraded range: 60 (total bonus: 10)
Deflector Cannon - nominal range: 75, upgraded range: 81.7 (total bonus: 6.7)
EMP Bombs - nominal range: 105, upgraded range: 109.8 (total bonus: 4.8 )
Precise Laser Rifle - nominal range: 135, upgraded range: 138.7 (total bonus: 3.7)
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