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Author Topic: Building first combat unit  (Read 6180 times)

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Building first combat unit
« on: March 06, 2010, 04:47:27 PM »

The best and fastest way to produce first combat unit is to run in-game tutorial. This manual is for those who want to understand game mechanisms a bit better. It will describe what you need to do to set up a fully operational Mech.

Every unit in Mech Hero is a separate entity consisting of Mech chassis and equipment (weapons, armors or transport platforms). To create such unit you need to:
1. Create some factory buildings.
2. Create buildings responsible for researches.
3. Research proper equipment.
4. Build Mech chassis and weapons.
5. Combine chassis and weapons into a combat unit.

1. Factory buildings.
Start from building your Command Center to level 5.

Create buildings responsible for equipment:
- Inventory Warehouse - - a place to store your weapons.
- Armory - - a factory where weapon systems, armor and force fields are being produced.

Create buildings responsible for building Mech chassis:
- Mech Hangar - - building responsible for servicing your units.
- Mech Factory - - a place where you can build Mech chassis.

2. Research buildings.
Create buildings responsible for research:
- Tech Lab - - building that allows you to specialize your base in certain types of weapons.
- Science Academy - - a place where you research new equipment.

3. Research equipment.
- build Tech Lab to level 2
- inside Tech Lab build two laboratories: AI Unit and Robotic Workshop
- go to Science Academy and research:
Raptor (in Mech chassis tab)
Light Machine Gun (in Weapons tab)
Light Transport Platform (in Equipment tab)

4. Building chassis and equipment.
Finally it's time to start building your army.
Go to Mech Factory - - and build one Raptor
Go to Armory - - and build three Light Machine Guns and two Light Transport Platforms
You can build other set of equipment. For example if you want your Mech to be strictly for fighting, build five Light Machine Guns instead of Transport Platforms.

5. Setting up Mech.
After you finish your production (Raptor chassis and equipment) you need to go to UNITS panel (in the top menu).
- Click on unit image to get into Mech configuration screen.
- Click on free slot on Mech outline.
- Pick a Machine Gun from bottom panel, adjust quantity and hit UPDATE button.
- Pick another free slot and put Transport Platform there (use the same method as with Light Machine Gun).
- Remember that Raptor has Capacity 50 so you can equip him with no more than 5 Light Machine Guns (or Light Transport Platforms).
- When you finish setting up equipment for you Mech, remember to hit REARM button to put your equipment onto Mech (on the left side, under Mech image)

- Go to BEHAVIOUR tab (still in Unit screen)
- On the top of this tab you feel find TEMPLATE dropdown - pick [Soldier] template and hit ACCEPT button

Now your unit is ready for military operation.

More detailed tutorial about setting up combat unit should be available within 24 hours.
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