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Author Topic: Solutions for players under attack  (Read 15169 times)

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Solutions for players under attack
« on: April 13, 2010, 07:32:53 AM »

Rule of thumb: you are invaded for the resources or/and experience points.

1. Become a bunker instead of a farm. Most of the greedy invaders are just looking for an easy way of getting more resources. If they find your unprotected city with full storage, be sure they will hang around unless they find it unprofitable. Build bunkers to keep your resources safe. The bunker has its own capacity so you can replace dedicated storage with bunkers - this will allow you to hide your income. Once you grow enough to protect your city on the battlefield you will be able to replace bunkers with high capacity storage buildings.

2. Extend your resource fields to higher levels - level 10 is easy to get and brings quite a lot of resources in return. This way you don’t risk your Mechs in battle and still keep your income on stable levels.

3. You can try to ask the attacker for some peace time it used to work in most cases. You can also find other players in your neighborhood to play together against the most active invaders.

4. Once you can afford building a Mech units, you should not take the risk of keeping them in the city for a long period of time. Try to find a distant city where you would be able to send your units to keep them moving when you’re not logged into the game. You can arrange such routines to keep your Mechs traveling during long period of absence and calculate the travel time to make them return home when you're on-line again.

5. If you think you have an army big enough to protect yourself or take revenge on the attacker, make sure you leave your Mechs fully equipped with weapons and desired behavior ready for combat. Leaving Mechs with transport platforms or partially equipped will decrease their defense power and make the whole army vulnerable to attacks.
Analyze the attack patterns of your opponent. Each army has its weak points even those looking stronger may be defeated by wise strategy and advanced weapons even if it’s tricky, it’s possible (If you need help in finding details of defensive strategies do not hesitate to ask for it – go to Mech Hero forum you will find people willing to help you).

6. Think about how the enemy finds out about resources in your City. Try to be proactive in preventing attacker knowing what you hide in your city. Build Radar Station and Satellites to minimize chances for successful scan of your City.

7. If you’re missing resources to extend your cities think about opening an Exchange Post. You can choose a Merchant path for the initial period of your growth to gain more resources.

8. Search the map for debris. Its very easy and cheap to develop and produce harvesters, which makes harvesting debris fields a fast and cheap way to obtain resources and even some equipment. See for details.

9. Last but not the least – cooperate with other players in an alliance. Even the smartest player with the biggest City won’t conquer the planet alone. Ok I know there are some of them that might dare trying but nothing gives you more chances for setting up an effective defense with reinforcements, resources supply and coordination of attacks than being a member of a well managed alliance (even a small one).
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Re: Solutions for players under attack
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2011, 12:54:53 AM »

10. Use Escape when Overwhelming enemy behaviour - when significantly more powerful enemy attacks you, your mech's will start escaping from the very beginning of the battle. This might significantly reduce your losses.