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Author Topic: Things to come ...  (Read 4081 times)

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Things to come ...
« on: June 15, 2012, 06:38:15 PM »

Dear MH players!

We would like to share with you a few things planned for the near and relatively near future:)

1. We are finishing preparation for the new hardware running MH servers.
Beginning of the next week all servers will be stopped for about 1 hour in order to move the game to a new hosts.
During this time cell-starvation and attacks will be stopped. Details will be announced well in advance.

2. With the new h/w infrastructure overall game performance will be improved, it will also allow us to start additional servers.

In coming months we are planning to start few new server types:
- Speed-server (for hardcore players) - all times will be significantly reduced
- Safe-server (for casual players) - more protection for the players (limit of daily attacks + player level check + ...)
- National servers (Polish, Brazilian ...) - only in one language

3. We are finalizing Mech pilots design, development should start in 2 weeks.

4. We are working on more payment options (providers) - integration tests had already started.

In addition there are few things in our pocket - detailed dates are not set yet, however this will be our area of focus for next months:
- Transfer balance improvements
- Additional quests
- Critical hits
- Mech size + positioning control improvement
- Additional mech/pilots bonuses
- Additional weapon/shield properties (heat damage)
- User interface improvement (general)
- Honor points - if big one is kicking the little - it's not honorable :)
- New artifacts (movement speed improvement, debris finding, ...)
- 3D battle visualization (3D models are ready - we are researching engine options)
- Simulator app. (for mobile devices)

We are constantly working on improving game balance - in general we are trying to give more possibilities of improving single Mech rather than building huge armies.
You should expect that small/medium army of well cared units will be much more effective than huge "dummy" armies.
Huge armies will be much harder to maintain.

At the end we would like to thank you all for being with us so far!
We hope that MH has proven that even a small group of enthusiasts with fantastic support of community can build an interesting game.

Also thank you for supporting us by purchasing credits - we hope that the paid options, we designed, are fair - and we need it for maintenance and advertising investments - so please continue;)

Let's have fun and good game to all!
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