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Author Topic: Guild of Economics (GoE) S3  (Read 5817 times)

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Guild of Economics (GoE) S3
« on: December 07, 2011, 11:38:56 PM »

Guild of Economics (GoE)
It might not be money but Everyone has their price.

GoE is a newly founded alliance on S3 Alpha Sector set up to provide a framework for attracting and fulfilling contracts. If we can provide a service and you can meet the price, we have a deal.

# Services Available #
For Sale                      Price
LR-86 Missile Pod x 15   Cr:6090 Gas:8460 Cell:3060
LR-86sf Fire-Missile Pod x 10 Cr:3790 Gas:9480 Cell:2850

Cr:15000 Gas:0 Cell:0   Cr:0 Gas:10000 Cell:5000 Sold

 Light Machine Gun x 8
 Basic Metal Plating x 1  Cr:7661 Gas:3409 Cell:1098

There is also various salvage available for discount rates

For tailor made orders please leave a message here or contact me as Headdie on S3 in game to enquire about exact availability, placing orders and payment.

# Services Soon To Be Available #

We are also accepting recruits
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