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Author Topic: New Lyck Chart  (Read 4440 times)

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New Lyck Chart
« on: February 13, 2011, 12:56:58 PM »

New Lyck Chart

This Chart of Inter-Alliance Law has been created and signed by Alliances, that want to keep gameplay, and especially War of Mech Hero, Release First P.B. (Post Beta) civilised and clean of atrocities, unnecessary destruction and playable, and enjoying for everyone.

Chapter I. Chart Signatarians, their duties and priviledges.
Alliances that Signed The Chart agreed that their members will play with rules of this Chart, and that, those players wont break the rules of this Chart, against members of other Alliances-Signatarians.

All memebers of Alliances-Signatarians of The Chart, are forbidden to break rules of The Chart, that were agreed by Signatarians.
If member of Alliance-Signatarian will break rules of The Chart, Alliance shall be asked to deal with the member. If Alliance will not deal with the member and his behavior, then Alliance should be removed from List of Signatarians, and thus, rules of The Chart wont apply to Alliance in question.

Breaking the rules of The Chart should be reported to leaders and diplomats of all Alliances-Signatarians, with name of player and alliance which broke the rule, included, also (if possible in future) with Battle or Event Report of action in question. All Alliances-Signatarians will then vote if action in question was really in violation of the rules of The Chart.

Alliance and member in question have right to speak in defense of their actions.

Alliances do not have right of vote in matters that involve their, their allies or their enemies actions. They may speak in their own, and their allies, defense.

If All A-S are involved in conflict, then decision is made by Developer Team or any other body found fit to make decision upon matter in question.

Every AS have one voice, so AS vote in any given matter should be agreed internally.

Chapter II. Diplomacy

Diplomacy should be did by diplomats, or other members of alliances, that are autorised to speak in the name of whole alliance.
Word of Diplomat is Word of Alliance he represents.
All issues should be solved first by diplomats of interested parties, and, if agreement cannot be created, one or both of the parties can ask AS for help in solving differences.

Chapter III. Non-Aggresion Pacts and Alliances.

Those who sign up NAPs with each other agree not to attack each other members.
If any member of given Alliance will attack member of Alliance with which attacker Alliance have NAP with, attacker is obliged to return looted resources and mechs, and repay damaged party in case any equipment, support vehicles or mechs were destroyed, at level 1 of production costs, in case mech was recovered after action, cost of recovering given unit in addition of destroyed mechs equipment costs.

In case attack was answered with retailation above point do not apply.

In case of scan of NAP Alliance, scanning member should apologize scanned one and delete report. Doesnt matter if scan was or wasnt succesfull.

Alliances that signed up NAP with each other should not act actively against each other.

Cancellation of NAP should be declared with 48 hours of heads-up. So declaration of War upon NAP have 72 hours heads-up.

Cancellation of Alliance should be declared with at least week of heads-up.


Allied are Alliances that agreed to help each other officially or unofficially.
Allies of Alliances that are at war with each other, are considered neutral (not participating) unless theyll also declare war on their allies enemies, or war will be declared upon them.
Indirect actions (supplying weapons, resources, equipment, intel) to one of the fighting Alliances is considered proof of being Allied, and, if can be proved, is considered hostile action, same as direct action (supporting defences), and declaration of War after such action does not require heads-up time.

Chapter IV. War

Declaration of War
We all agree that when War is declared, Alliance declaring the War will give at least 24 hours heads-up for alliance that is to be attacked, before launching any hostile actions.
We all agree that when War is declared its type should be declared as well. Changing type of War should be declared at least 24 hours before any hostile actions of higher type will be launched.

Types of War
There are 2 main types of Wars:
Farming War, which excludes using AB weapons
Total War, which includes use of AB weapons, under rules written below.

Interested parties may agree to set specific Rules Of Engagement during the conflict (Excluding members below certain points, or certain members from being attacked, certain area of conflict and such), breaking ROE should be followed by explanation, and reparations to damaged party.

AntiBuilding use limitations.

We all agree that use of AntiBuilding weapons only against valid military, and industrial targets, which includes of all cities of players actively involved in current conflict between alliances, and excludes players that are not participating in the conflict, which includes small players, who do not have any big combat or industrial strength.
We all agree to not use of AntiBuilding weapons, unless its necessary from Strategic, Operational or Tactical point of view.
We all agree that use of AB Weapons should be limited, and actions like Power Blocking should not take place unless necessary, and thus reason of this action should be presented and explained to other A-S.

War Crimes

Every action that have marks of War Crime should be considered carefully, and decision should be made by AS vote. Punishement is only one, as there is no mercy for War Criminals.
Alliance which member did sucha act should kick out sucha memeber, or be considered War Criminal as a whole.
War Criminal are not suspects to any part of The Chart, excluding current one.
Every AS should work its way to literally burn to the ground all cities of War Criminal, or Criminal Alliance.
Destruction of War Criminal have priority over wars fought between alliances, so there should be complete ceasfire, or at least AB-ceasfire, until War Criminal is dealt with.

War Criminal should be prosecuted even, if he or damaged party are not AS, as War Crimes are against The Spirit of Willingly Competition of The Game.

Examples of War Crimes:
Planned destruction of City, Building or Army, without proper War declaration vs. NAPed Allied members.
AB Strike at player that do not pose any threat to the attacker or attackers Alliance.


If ceasfire has been agreed by hostile parties, it comes in place, at the time agreed. Its considered that Ceasfire is temporary NAP or change in Rules Of Engagement between hostile parties, for time agreed by those parties.

All rules about NAP, excluding declaration of war, are in place.

Peace Threaty

If Peace threaty has been agreed between two Alliances, it comes in place, at the time agreed. Its considered that Peace Threaty is temporary NAP for time no shorter than two weeks.

All rules about NAP, including declaration of war and cancellation of NAP, for time agreed by Peace Threaty signatarians, are in place.

If one side breaks Peace Threaty, rules about NAP and Declaration of War does not apply.

Peace threaty may incorporate points that allows further AB strikes on one of the sides (destruction of certain cities, or giving up Artifacts), using such points as a excuse to implement "Ooops!" AB-strikes against infrastructure other than agreed in peace threaty, is considered War Crime.

Peace threaty may incorporate points, that doesnt allow to perform certain activities (forced disarmament). In this case, in order to keep those points checked, Wining Alliance may designate one of its members to temporary join defeated alliance, and defeated alliance have to allow both that, and allow memebers of neutral alliances to be their sitters. All damage caused by sitters during such kind of activity, is considered War Crime.


1. Ferrum Contego,
2. Sankersi Smierci,

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