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Author Topic: Artifacts  (Read 10622 times)

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« on: January 10, 2011, 04:32:19 PM »

Artifacts are powerfull and unique items. Artifacts allow players to produce unique weapons and Mechs. Each artifact unlocks production of one type of unique equipment.

Artifacts are stored in Artifact sanctuary building. One Artifact sanctuary can store only one artifact. If player wish to acquire second artifact for the same city, he has to remove previous artifact from the city or accept that new artifact will be deleted as soon as army reaches it's home city.

There are two ways to get an artifact:

1. Artifacts appear on the map in heavily defended NPC locations. To get artifact from NPC location, you need to defeat defending army. After winning the battle artifact returns with your army to your city. NPC locations containing artifacts are marked (after opening NPC locations screen you will see "Artifact" mark). Artifacts in NPC locations are also visible on Active scan.

2. Artifacts can be stolen from other player. To get artifact from other player you need to attack city with artifact and destroy Artifact sanctuary building.

HINT: Artifacts don't require transport platforms to be carried!
HINT: Remember to send attack from a city that has Artifact Sanctuary. If you overtake an artifact and bring it to city without Artifact Sanctuary building, artifact will be destroyed.

All artifacts are very powerful items and their presence can be easily detected when they are stored in Artifact sanctuary. In result position of all artifacts is known. List of all artifacts being in possession of players can be found in proper tab in STATS screen.

Production of unique weapons takes place in factory buildings. To produce unique weapons player needs to have Armory (any level). To produce Bionic chassis player needs to have Mech Factory (any level). If player looses an artifact in any way, all production orders of unique equipment are stopped immediately. Resources are not returned!

We attend to constantly add new artifacts, also some special artifacts like +10% for resource production, -10% of cell usage ... and so on ...
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Re: Artifacts
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2011, 03:13:50 PM »

Artifact Sanctuary