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Author Topic: Endgame - instructions  (Read 11546 times)

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Endgame - instructions
« on: September 17, 2010, 01:10:56 PM »

This topic contains general instruction on how to play Mech Hero end-game phase. This topic will be updated.

If you lack any information or have any additional questions, please ask them here:

Notice that beta version of endgame scenario will be slightly different than the one in final release.


There are 32 portals placed on the world map. We didn't hide them in NPC locations - they should be visible on the map for everyone. Every sector of the map has 8 portals leading to the moons.

Each portal is defended by a decent army (defending army size: 40K - 50K cells/h). To secure portal for your alliance, you need to defeat defending army. Once defending army gets wiped out, remaining attacking force stays as a new defender and attacking alliance takes control over the portal.

You should make sure your portals are defended - otherwise enemy alliance can take it. Taking portal from enemy works exactly the same as securing it at the beginning: you have to defeat defending army. Every member of the alliance can reinforce portal with his Mechs and send some Power Cells to support defending army.

To check status of the portal (list of defending units, amount of Power Cells, list of incoming attacks, etc.) you need to have special role in your alliance: Portal supervisor (or administrator). Portal supervisors can login to special user via Planetary Council (new tab: Portals) to check situation in portals controlled by alliance.


Antimatter is a special resource that can be gathered on the moon. To win the game, alliance has to gather and protect certain amount of antimatter. Since we are not totally sure how much antimatter should make you a winner, we set it temporary to 30000. If we see that alliances gather antimatter faster/slower than we expected, we will change that value!

Antimatter buildings:

Antimatter synthesizer - - produces antimatter

Antimatter injector - - accelerates antimatter production (8% per level)

Antimatter capsule - - antimatter warehouse (can store 500 per level)

Antimatter is not stored and transferred as normal resource. Most of all antimatter belongs to alliance, not a player. All extracted antimatter is divided among alliance members proportionally to their Antimatter capsule level. To steal antimatter from your enemy, you need to locate and destroy one of his Antimatter capsules with anti-building weapon.
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