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Title: Mech auto-rearm & repair
Post by: pankleks on August 16, 2012, 06:13:14 PM

There are many questions on how this feature works, so here it is.

- Mech auto-rearm and repair is triggered on following events:

1) some equipment has been produced (for example new weapon in armory)
2) some Mech finished repairing (as this might freed some slot in Mech Hangar)
3) some Mech finished re-arming
4) transfer has reached your city (as transfer might contain equipment that is needed for re-arming)
5) after attack on your city (obvious case)
6) after your Mechs returned from any mission
7) Mech recovery is finished
8 ) new Mech has been produced
9) Mech hangard has been build

- Auto R&R is always first trying to Re-arm your Mech, then to repair it (if Re-arming is not required it will go directly to repairing)

- If there is no Mech Hangar slot available at the moment, Mech will be not handled in at that time - but events listed above should trigger R&R at later time when Hangar slot will be available.

- If you put new desired equipment on your Mech, but then won't press Re-arm - your Mech won't be automatically re-armed. (see events above)