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Author Topic: Release history  (Read 32938 times)

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Release history
« on: March 10, 2010, 04:33:07 PM »

Here you can find the list of released items (top - latest):

to be released soon:
- Advanced battle field positioning (3x3 matrix)
- Raid attacks

10/10/2014 b4373
- Unit upgrade screen - added max level buttons
- Scanning points limit (can't scan significantly smaller/larger target) - S1 only
- fix: Auto-cancel harvesting mission (if debris field is taken) is now sending proper message
- fix: Checkbox select all was working only once
- fix: Targeting turrets was taking into account only Small Def. Turret
- fix: Unit-list was wrongly displayed in case of lots of groups

04/05/2014 b4347
- fix: speed bonus was not display properly
- fix: auto-rearm & repair was not triggered when unit was not damaged
- fix: group checkbox'es where not working properly on unit list
- Tutorial translation to German
- IE8 is no longer supported

09/04/2014 b4335
- new unit bonuses (weapons range, critical hit)
- changes in speed bonus
- new web fonts

01/01/2014 b4311
- max. battle rounds has been increased from 80 to 128

01/10/2013 b4144
- fix: Simulator > Analyze was producing same results
- fix: Building city with MBBs will success now even if NPC was created at target location while mission was active

03/09/2013 b4136
- Player profile length increased to 2048 chars, also it supports now Unicode
- fix: Patrol return was not triggering auto-rearm/repair (#6564)

25/05/2013 b4086
- New tutorial (on S1)
- fix: mouse scroll work's now property on map in FF
- Artwork popup control added
- fix: Could not join the alliance due to limit error (#6226)

03/01/2013 b4010
- Added mech colors and zoom to positioning preview (zoom with mouse scroll)
- Improved performance of world view
- fix: cursor keys were not working on text area inputs
- Intro slides on landing page
- Template select popup: added filter 'show my templates only'

26/11/2012 b3957
- Battlefield positioning preview (Mech list > preview)
- Sample equipment templates
- Drag & Drop move of popup windows
- More keyboard shortcuts (press Alt + ? to display active shortcuts)
- Improvement of target XY selection (AJAX based)
- Popup window: now can be closed by pressing anywhere on the header
- Slight increase of credits awards for tournament
- IE 7 is no longer supported (

04/11/2012 b3871
- Red color for messages menu item (when new user messages) (#5285)
- Auto-delete messages + settings in profile > preferences (SHA feature) (#5302)

03/11/2012 b3866
- Statistics alliance: added number of buildings destroyed (#5277)
- fix: wrong display of minimum value in simulator analyze (#5303)
- fix: max. length of notepad (#5284)
- fix: enter key was not working in notepad on all screens (#5230)

10/10/2012 b3830
- Sending anti-building attacks should be blocked for the sitter (#5151)
- BIG map (for SHA) -
- Increased max length (to 1024 chars) of notepad and player profile text (#5173)

19/09/2012 b3790
- Credits award for winning the server (all members of the winner alliance will get credits code to be used at any server)

17/09/2012 b3790
- alliance view: current player is highlighted in the list
- fix: % sign was causing problems in shoutbox (#5024)

07/09/2012 b3783
- fix: some special characters were removed from shoutbox (#5013)
- Active scan: some ergonomic improvements for harvesting debris
- tutorial task 4: credits increased from 3 to 4
- fix: portal attack (when portal is already conquered) cells in source city was not recalculated immediately (#5009)
- user stats chart: height reduced
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Re: Release history
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2010, 12:50:07 PM »

07/09/2012 b3772
- SHA feature: Notepad (can be switched at the bottom of the screen -> Show/Hide notepad)
- fix: minor problem in shoutbox when pasting long text
- fix: simulator add all units was also adding destroyed units
- minor optimization for Chrome browser
- fix: message filter is preserved after going back from message view
- fix: auto r/r - not firing properly after transfer and harvester return
- SHA cost has been increased from 7 to 9 credits
- Crystal, Gas boost increased from 10 to 20% - no cost changes
- Cell boost increased from 10 to 15% - cost from 5 to 6 credits
- 4 Building queuing cost from 3 to 4 credits
27/08/2012 b3752
- SHA: added cell starvation e-mail notification
- SHA: added statistics chart for player
- Recycling workshop: added details of all modifiers
- Charts: added tool-tip's with date ranges and max, avg. values per statistics
21/08/2012 b3726
- main menu changes: removed support vehicles and weaponry icon, added separate icon for harvesters and satellites
- statistics server: added chart with few stats for last 96 days
20/08/2012 b3713
- recycling equipment: total refund calculation
- performance improvements: simulator analyze
- landing page: removed partners / added random equipment
- new server selection popup
16/08/2012 b3685
- auto-refresh mission counter in new menu
- fix: menu was displayed wrongly on IE version < 9
- fix: menu was displayed in 2 lines when counter > 99
- fix: max equipment that can be produced calculated wrongly in some cases (#4836)
- multiple rockets released to S3 (now multiple rockets are on S2, S3, S4)
15/08/2012 b3672
- new main menu (icons only, more items, auto-refresh notifications)
15/08/2012 b3661
- max. quantity available to produce in armory
- weaponry: added weapon strength calculation and turrets
- navigation screen: added information if player can't be attacked due to extended protection (valid for S2, S4 server)
- fix: visualization: is some cases quantity of weapons after single round were displayed wrongly
10/08/2012 b3641
- Messages: ajax support + sorting
- Experimental unit list: lazy loads - improved performance for large number of units
- Popups: fixed problem when opening on several browser tabs.
- Unit list send: fixed problem when opening on several browser tabs.
- BBCodes in shoutbox
01/08/2012 - S4 only
- Rockets: simultaneous shoot of several rockets
- experience against NPC (statistic in Offensive tab)
- fix: required transport units counter - was not working when using max link
- fix: local date time (yesterday issue solved)
- new S4 server (with extended player protection)
- alliance history: added events for breaking the pacts + added player accepting/breaking pact
- e-mail notification when city is under-attack (SHA only)
- tournament points in player statistics
- fix: city statistics - find by city name
- fix: minor translations fixes (#4570)
- automatic calculation of required transporters on Exchange Post - transfer screen (#4508)
- automatic check for player existence during registration
- fix: Removed sitter will be automatically logged off (#2895)
- Profile > Preferences: Switch off mini-map flag - use for mobile devices to speed up map browsing
- Orange flags - shared within the alliance
- Cells rich fields finder (Radar Station) -  credit option (finds 6 and 8 cells fields in range of 14 fields - total 2681 fields)
- Experimental Mech list: double click opens Mech properties
- Auto-cancel of NPC attacks when NPC is no longer active (similar to auto-cancel of harvesting) - SHA feature
- fix: win-factor was wrongly displayed for battles against turrets only (#3315)
- Building build performance optimization
- fix: Scan of city with turrets was causing logout (#3163)
- Defense Turrets - full version
- fix: Defense Turrets were shown in debris (#3139)

- Load all units in simulator (#3066)
- Defense Turrets: released in simulator only!
- fix: distance to a different planned was displayed wrongly in navigation panel (#3002)
- more space for hover info in experimental unit list (#3008)
- experimental Mech list: added some space between bottom panel for hover info (no need to scroll)
- fix: problem with timeouts in shoutbox
- Stop service button available at Mech properties (#2907)
- Action history: added map from and map to (if available)
- Experimental Mech list improvements:
  • resizing list height to fit best browser height, to see more units at the same time
  • added delay before showing equipment on mouse over
  • red color indicator for damaged (HS) and required rearming Mech (EQ)
- fix: unit auto-r/r was not triggered after moving units from one city to another of the same owner (#2959)
- artifacts are now created in the NPC's with 20% probability (#2958)
- slight performance improvement when creating NPC's
- disable message deletion for a sitter (#2918)
- cancel resource transformation and equipment recycle only if attacker wins (#2696)
- fix: profile length to 512 chars
- action history list (player profile)
- slight performance improvement: shoutbox, translation
- Fix: ISO date format fixed (#2804)
- Alliance description length increased twice chars (#2688)
- Profile description length increased twice chars (#2505)
- Fix: Science academy was showing boost at next level even if developed already at max level (#2655)
- TechLab calculator: added required armory level in equipment details (#1744)
- Battle simulator - added Analyze button - simulates multiple battles for analysis of result distribution (SHA feature)
- Drop equipment feature - added warning message if no enough capacity for dropped items (#2278)
- Simple resource boost artifacts released on S1 and S2
- scrolling on mobile devices now working with touch (#752)
- Tournaments: signing army with more than 1 general is blocked (#2434)
- Improved statistics (ajax + sort)
- Fix: problem with adding the sitter
- Message cleaning performance improvement
- General performance improvements
- Fix: Mission view screen was crashing when returning with artifact bounty
- Guide > Artifacts and Unique equipment: added information of max. occurrences
- 3 new resource production boost artifacts (available in NPC's 2500 - 4000)
- Chinese (Simplified) language

- Fix: Transfer balance screen fixes
- Fix: Unit bonus re-arm speed was wrongly calculated
- New transfer balance screen
- Rearm unit: more precised error messages (mech fully armed or no available equipment)
- Small UI improvements on Mech list screen (different equipment template icons, timer on repair/re-arm progress bar)
- Fix: wrong BBCode formatting when multiple italic/bold/underline tags (#2213)
- Quests engine added: for now one quest type - patrol
- Missions: progress bar added for mission duration timer
- Fix: End-game - invalid calculation of total game duration
- End-game: added tournament statistics to end-game summary
- New mech list: compatibility info message for IE browsers below 9.0
- Mobile improvements: map movement with touch gesture
- Mobile improvements: new mech list (mech background was not changed when selecting)
- Map movement with mouse scroll: should work on more browser types (previously only FF)
- Fix: On some "strange" mobile browsers it was not possible to login
- Server peace time: during X-Mas or Easter all attacks on players will end-up with Christmas wishes and cell starvation will be disabled
- Mech colors: New color - Tribal + improved quality of pink color
- Fix: It was possible to attack main NPC city (#2127)
- Fix: Resource panel background glitch on slow connections
- Quick tip polish translations finished + some fixes in guide subtitles
- Fix: Improved tournament scheduling algorithm performance (causing tournament start delays)
- Transport capacity (picking goods will focus on equipment then on resources) (#2125)
- Mech fully armed error message instead "no equipment to rearm" (#2131)
- Visualization: added smoke animation for heavily damaged Mechs
- Tournaments: army can be signed on by account owner only (not a sitter)
- New units names are set to [chassis_name]_X instead of N/A
- Fix: Sitter login was extending non-activity detection algorithm (#2101)
- Training NPC creation improvements (#2100)
- Fix: Mech Hero login problem on IE 10, very old versions of FF and possible other old browsers
- Fix: Portals not visible in portal player profiles (#2057)
- Minor UI improvements (resource panel, popup windows)
- Fix: Chrome was not displaying login / password icons
- Fix: Portals landscape type was overridden
- Warehouses buildings: added display of capacity at current and next level
- Fix: Support question was crashing when external system was down
- Producing equipment capacity warning: added check also for queued production
- Overwhelming NPC warning message
- Guide: Added information about production cost boost for buildings
- Avatars file upload improvements: client side size and type check + fixed file type filter in Chrome and Safari (was not able to select Png files)
- Fix: Password check was not case sensitive in some cases (#1996)
- Fix: Using of ' character is not longer valid for for unit groups / player, unit names etc
- jQuery 1.7 integration
- Avatars: image code added for validation
- Avatars: added support for PNG with transparency + size limit increased to 128 kB.
- Avatars (profile + alliance)
- Battle visualization: added player name for unit overview
- Fix: login screen in some cases was not allowing for browser to store player name
- Fix: delete message and go to next feature - was not deleting next messages
- marking fields with auto-value (on mouse over)
- Move to next un-readed message (when deleting message view will move to a next un-readed message)
- Added "avg. damage per round" - unit equipment + experimental unit list
- Ballistic / Energy icons added
- Battle simulator: equipment list is sorted by equipment type
- Fix: Battle simulator: when importing real unit into simulator target equipment quantity is taken
- Battle report - transport platform capacity usage display
- No debris found / Invalid mission target messages moved to report section
- Fix: Unit refresh not always triggered after rearming/repairing (#1748)
- Additional Mech colors
- Added possibility of template creation from simulator
- Improved UI for template creation and standard unit list
- New NPC added 10-16k
- New NPC spawning algorithm (S1, S2, S3)
- Experimental unit list - ajax loading
- S3: new experimental NPC distribution algorithm
- Fix: Unknown units were not visible when looking at alliance messages battle reports (#1727)
- Fix: Copied units in simulator were not editable after importing tournament battles
- Fix: Unknown units are now visible if report is watched by member of defending player alliance
- Exporting tournament battles into simulator
- Added flash video player for browsers without HTML5 support
- Improvements of experimental Mech lists
- Overview screen: Mechs tab - production added (#1703)
- Fix: Problem with shield damage display in rounds details report (#1678)
- Task 16 added to tutorial
- Live progress bar in some places (city, unit list)
- Exchange post filter - Inside alliance added back (even without SHA)
- Fix: When leaving alliance, all auctions "for alliance only" are changed "to everyone"
- Fix: Auctions for alliance only were visible for all players (#1661)
- SHA: Exchange Post filters added to Buy Resource / Equipment tab
- Check for army strength when attacking NPC, you can't attack NPC with significantly weaker army
- Limited spawn of training NPCs
- Visualization: frames / sec fix + auto zoom enabled by default + z-order fixes
- Fix: Task 15 was not showing in some cases.
- Fix: Task 10 was not completed if player used Rearm+Repair option instead of Repair
- Tutorial task 11: added check to not attack other than Training NPC
- Display of Power Cells usage at the list of buildings
- Tutorial task 7: now adding SHA for 3 days as reward
- Fix: Server selection box display fixed for Chrome and Safari
- Fix: Some in-game messages were created in invalid language (#948)
- Visualization: Scaled units + hit animation
- Fix: Problem with simulator crash upon copying/deleting units when tab browsing
- Fix: Navigation screen action history was showing actions from previous location type + history now stays for 20 days (#1579)
- Fix: Do not display cost for next level if building is queued to max level (#1473)
- Fix: Visualization did not display Bionics (#1567)
- Video tutorials
- SHA features video
- Mech Colors
- Debris creation algorithm improvements - in case of multiple fields there are more even now (#1545)

- Added credit prizes for tournaments
- Removed credit prizes for weekly player stats
- Base debris scanning range changed from 4 to 10
- now it is possible to attack NPC when you are under protection time
- Fix: jetpack formation did not took into account unit speed (#1514)
- Fix: down arrows were blocked by browsers adblocks
- Fix: Building levels wrong z-index
- Tournament: If you have several city - signup cost is taken from the city with highest production
- Tournament signup screen: fine tuning
- Tournament: Added possibility of restricting equipment for the tournament
- Referral program has been disabled
- Visualization: added button to switch to full screen
- Produce missing equipment feature: displays missing eq. even if enough is in stock or being produced
- Fix: Visualization was showing scrollbars (#651)
- Fix: Building target behaviour was missing resource bonus buildings (#1445)
- Traveling times (SHA feature): Popup screen showing traveling times of different units (click on distance at navigation screen)
- Tournament: Battle scheduled time and tournament time is now more precise (#1433)
- Fix: In some cases simulator was allowing to exceed bonus limit (#1428)
- Tournament result screen: dynamic loading for faster display
- Tournament: improved way of fight scheduling
- SHA: New feature: Harvesters auto callback
- Weaponry: Added cost
- Fix: Click on activities was no longer linking to particular mission (#1420)
- Simulator unit screen: Max. equipment quantity changed from 64 > 128, and display of remaining capacity
- Quick tips: now displayed as popup screen
- Tournament: Improved score system
- World tournaments (experimental)

- New way of registration: Simplified process, postponed activation.
- Default equipment templates: [First Mech] - for simple Raptor, [Zero] - for quick drop of all equipment
- S1: Max. number of sitter reduced to 2
- Fix: Sendmail: in some cases was crashing with invalid email
- Fix: City statistics - was showing also non-player cities (like npc, portals etc)
- Battle: Better handling of keep out / stay out movement behaviours: Mech will try to avoid exiting battlefield if possible
- End-game statistics - no of lost Starship levels (tooltip of current levels)
- Fix: Unit not found error instead of game crash (#1073)
- Visualization: F key triggers full screen, Speed x 2 added
- Visualization: Marking units in range and current target.
- Fix: Units with jetpacks in some cases were putted in wrong distance from the enemy (#1083)
- Fix: Deleting behaviour template used as default template in Mech Factory was causing mech produced without any behaviour (#1074)
- Fix: Unable to leave alliance when starship building was queued (#1063)
- Battle visualization: added ranges (purple - size, brows - min. weapon range, orange - max. wp. range), added auto-zoom feature, better space utilization
- Fix: In some cases NPC's was not created
- Fix: No spaceship targeting behaviour (#1045)
- Weaponry: Comparison between weapons, shields, Mechs etc ... (click on header to sort)
- Mech Factory - now it's possible to select equipment and behaviour template for newly created units. (#270)
- Fix: Popup windows were crashing when refreshing page
- Fix: Moon statistics - fixed wrong html tags.
- Fix: Techlab calculator style fixes
- Fix: Guide was crashing in some cases (#360)
- Fix: Stolen antimatter was not showing in a battle report
- New escape behaviour: Overwhelming Enemy - your unit will escape when enemy offensive power is 5 times greater than yours
- S2: some of default behaviour templates has been changed to use escape when: Overwhelming Enemy
- Changes in Moon statistics for end-game Starship building
- Fix: IE styles for round corners
- Fix: Unit killer - in some situations unit displayed in report as destroyed was not physically destroyed (#394)
- Templates are sorted now by the name (#980)
- Fix: Template popup windows positioning was wrong in case of huge no of templates (#980)
- Fix: Searching city statistic by name was crashing
- Escape behaviour changes (
- Templates are now selected from popup windows
- Templates can be used now in simulator
- Fix: In some cases equipment template name was wrongly matched to the unit
- Spanish and Romanian languages added (still under construction)
- Fix: Url BB Code was not working - it's working now but only to link local mechhero page links (as reports etc)
- Map export now includes also moons
- Block player from sending reinforcements feature (go to your account settings)
- Fix: Unit list - remember selected units after error
- Few improvements to new unit list proposal
- Fix: Unit list groups checkbox'es are now synchronized
- New unit list (experimental)
- Better handling of javascripts
- Auto language detection
- Fix: enter key on browser address bar was causing default action on the game
- Fix: several html tags
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Re: Release history
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2011, 11:11:39 AM »

- Portal accounts has Super Hero account enabled by default
- Fix: Looting statistic was increased even for player attacking himself (#857)
- Active scan: Moon portals added to active scan
- Fix: Navigating to unavailable planet was crashing
- Fix: Viewing portal player profile was crashing
- Fix: Produce missing equipment was crashing in some cases
- Max number of battle rounds has been increased by 20%
- Produce missing equipment feature has been improved (popup message, taking into account stock and current production) - new feature has been moved to SHA.
- Fix: Attacks / Movement actions were not deleted when all units where killed due to cell starvation
- Cell starvation algorithm changes (less aggressive - about 4 times, moving units are taken into account)
- Improvements to Wars statistics UI
- Confirmations added to Unit upgrade tab
- Unit upgrade screen: Added descriptions to behaviour group (what's included)
- Locked players due to game rules violation can't be attacked or scanned
- S1: Max level of Inventory Warehouse increased from 8 -> 12
- Fix: Destroying artifact in the city was not canceling Mech upgrade action (when upgrade to artifact type chassis) (#610)
- Fix: In some cases it was possible to put Jetpack on unsupported Mech type (#705)
- Battlefield X padding changed from 80 to 120 (space between last unit line and border)
- Fix: Problem with 0 quantity jetpacks (#535)
- Option to transfer purchased credit code to another player
- Adjustments to NPC spawning algorithm
- New stats: War (comparing stats of alliances that are at war) - stats are counted just from 4/22/2011 (past is not included)
- Redirect to proper server (required for multi-server env.)
- Profile: Transfer balance (displays comparison of in/out transfers and more ... experimental only - full implementation on s2)
- Fix: Main menu icons sizing's has been adjusted for proper main menu display in some languages
- Fix: Behaviour positioning order is used when placing units with jeptacks behind enemy lines (#405)
- More advanced checks when selling in Exchange post
- Display of NPC class when sending units
- Fix: Weekly stats were showing previous week (#401)
- Jetpacks
- Updated list of Building target selection behaviour
- Fix: Translations (#319)
- Fix: Shoutbox problem for the newly created alliances
- Alliance diplomacy (base version)
- Fix: Simulator - changing chassis type was not dropping invalid equipment
- New equipment type: Jetpacks (simulator only for now) -
- Fix: Overview screen, units tab (when clicking on moving units to another city game was logging user out)
- When you are logged as sitter, MH logo (left/top) looks "different"
- Fix: After closing message view, page is returning to proper position in message list
- Fix: Shoutbox: in some cases message was lost after server restart
- New unit battlefield positioning behaviour: Auto (unit will automatically choose position based on behaviour and equipment profile)
- Fix: Armies were exported to simulator even when Export button was not clicked
- Unit equipment screen: added button to drop all eq.
- Simulator unit screen: added button to drop all eq.
- Warning message added when trying to produce equipment that won't fit in inventory warehouse
- Minor UI styles improvement (some fixes for IE)
- Fix: Unit equipment screen: same error message was displayed in few places
- Fix: Unit update screen: buy behaviour group is disabled for reinforcing units

- Fix: In some cases Equipment in low level NPC class could not be created
- Fix: In case of huge players NPC could not be created
- Improvement to NPC creation algorithm - time to wait for a new NPC should be more stable for all areas in the map
- Improvement to new player placement algorithm
- Fix: Map cache (information could be lost during cache recycle causing out-of date information to be displayed on the map)
- Unit bonus: max bonus has been increased to 25% for capacity and hull strength
- Fix: Unit limit in simulator = 96 (when Superhero account) was not working.
- Fix: Transport capacity was wrongly displayed in battle report
- Fix: Combat unit bonus was wrongly calculated in some cases
- Fix: After export from report to simulator, there was problem with editing new units. Found by: Cursed
- Fix: Message display order was wrong
- Superhero account: Added possibility of exporting armies to simulator
- Improvements in transaction execution framework
- Fix: Importing real units to simulator did not took into account hull strength bonus
- Fix: Using invalid date at account > profile was causing crash
- Fix: Max. artifact count check was not working properly
- Improvements to weapon accuracy hits.
- Login screen UI changes for banner exchange system.

- Radar Station: added information about radar range at next level
- Simulator: Max. equipment quantity has been increased to 64
- Fix: Unit required experience at level calculation was giving invalid values for unit levels > 31
- Fix: Trying to display profile of not active player was causing crash
- User can decide about ending protection time earlier (PROFILE > Account)
- Statistics Artifact: added player alliance display
- Fix: When NPC has re-spawned during your attack, system will send-back your attack action if new NPC class differs from the one you attacked.
- Fix: Fast clicking (when page was not loaded fully) could cause page validation error
- Fix: Guide was not showing building requirements
- Fix: From time to time game could log-out user without any reason
- Small improvements of activation code request feature
- Improvements of Quick tip system: disable tip display for a sitter, tips are now adjusted to player points
- Fix: Artifact Sanctuary building was crashing when no artifact
- Artifacts (
- New unique weapon (Resonance Generator) - see guide for details
- Quick tips system (English only for now, quick tips can be disabled in PROFILE > Preferences tab)
- Sitter improvements: PROFILE > Preferences - you can now also view/remove players who you are sitting for
- Improvement to worthwhileness indicator: prices of auctions are colored (see for details)
- Exchange post: Max. exchange rate has been reduced from 4 to 2 (avoid fake auctions)
- Shield Generator: display of current defense improvement % added
- Minor UI improvements of GUIDE items

v1.0.0 - RELEASE
- Fix: Player points statistic was not properly calculated when destroying buildings
- Worthwhileness indicator in exchange post (Superhero account new feature)
- New NPC distribution algorithm
- Fix: Map sometimes displayed debris that was already harvested
- Fix: Not enough capacity report: from location was displaying wrong coords
- Exchange post: added filter for "my alliance offers only"
- New message: No storage capacity - if bounty has arrived (from harvesting or attack) and there was no enough capacity to contain any of the items you should receive this message with details what has been lost.
- Improvements in Merchant statistic calculation
- Improved registration process
- Ability to cancel NPC exploration mission at any moment
- Balance changes (
- Graphical awards displayed on player profile (BB codes)
- UI improvements for player and alliance profiles
- Fix: No of units in the city was including recycled units
- Fix: Unit display: Transport capacity was wrongly displayed
- Standard behaviour template [Transporter] is applied to new units by default
- Weekly statistics: added also for the alliances
- Fix: Superhero account: marking attacked city in red was not working
- Fix: Player was able to build antimatter buildings before end-game scenario is started
- Fix: Player not in the alliance was able to read reports of the other player
- Moons statistic is hidden before end-game scenario is started
- Transfer report - added information about lost items (res/equipment) if there was not enough capacity
- Fix: Canceling missions
- Harvesting actions can be canceled now at any moment
- Auto-debris: increased numbers of debris fields however with smaller quantities
- Fix: Alliance view was crashing is some cases
- Harvesting: message is sent to the player if no debris found
- Improvements to mail format
- new login screen
- SMS payments

- End-game finish final preparations

- Payment system: DotPay integration
- Award credits for 'weekly top rank' and 'friends invitation' are now given by sending new credit code
- Purchasing of higher building queue does not override current building queue (they run in parallel)
- Weekly statistic graphics
- Keep out of enemy weapons range is working now for currently selected target only
- New behavior: Stay out of enemies weapons range
- Click abuse protection implemented
- Fix: Alliance deleting was causing map problems if alliance deleted by admin. exit
- Profile > Preferences: Default overview screen tab added
- New referral program
- Updates to overview screen (summaries + click navigation on the mission screen)
- User message auto-translate
- Moon statistics: Evacuation countdown timer added
- Language filter: vulgar or inappropriate words filter
- Map cache service - map access performance is significantly increased
- CC lvl 1 is not required to build Power Plant anymore
- Fix: Time of the return action from moons to planet was wrongly calculated in some cases
- Battle algorithms: around 15% performance improvement
- Fix: Battle algorithms: unit without any weapons was not moving (even if movement behaviour did not required target)
- Alliance portals view: clearer data explanations
- Fix: UI z-order was wrong in city view
- Fix: Canceling antimatter extractor build to level 1 was deleting resource field
- Fix: NPC bounty was not properly created in some cases
- Fix: Antimatter injector positioning
- Fix: It was possible to reinforce portals that are occupied by NPC army
- Performance improvement of pre-battle data loading
- Fix: Alliance history display (empty string was displayed if referenced player was already deleted)
- Fix: Game crash when currently selected city was destroyed
- Fix: Problem with destroying player last city
- Statistic moons: player alliance is selected by default
- Alliance events: added events for gaining and loosing control over portal
- Fix: Bionic mech was not properly displayed in units list
- Fix: Not possible to login to portal player with long name alliances
- Fix: Map view: now displaying "no access" instead of wrong distance in case of moons with no access to
- Fix: Battle report: Unknown units in rounds details were displayed with full details
- Fix: Battle visualizer: Unknown units are visible as ?
- Navigation screen: activity history is now available also for NPC and Portals
- Fix: Antimatter capsule: overflow = never
- Fix: Navigation screen: Large debris are now scrolled
- End-game scenario
- Fix: Harvesting with Superhero account (after sending mission map view should appear)
- Fix: Planetary council portals tab: list of cities antimatter stats was not displayed if no portals in the alliance

- Small UI improvements of resource panel
- Fix: Equipment overview was showing 0 qty. items in some cases
- Fix: Deleting city was crashing when defending units from multiple sources existed
- Smaller equipment icons (should increase UI ergonomy)
- New Moons statistics (part of end-game)
- Planet and moons icons
- New buildings: Antimatter synthesizer, capsule, injector (part of end-game)
- Auctions: possibility to sell items to my alliance only
- Fix: Auction accept: in some cases invalid action could be accepted
- Navigation screen backgrounds
- Moons statistics (portals per alliances + antimatter stats - part of end-game)
- Attack on the city: defender auctions are canceled only after attacker wins
- Sitters (
- Building raze cost reduced to 10% of building cost
- Fix: Some system messages were not translated
- Fix: NPC bounties were not displayed in return mission
- New balance of chassis: Wolverine, Bionic
- Fix: Anti-building weapon qty. was reduced only after all rounds has been fired
- Overview mech tab: added recovery station details
- Payment system: improved integration with payment systems
- Fix: Server time showing 12AM (instead 12PM)
- Overview screen: Missions tab added
- New Overview screen (alpha version)
- New Tab's UI
- Few UI improvements
- New credit feature: Active scan (see
- New unique mech chassis: Bionic
- Weapons balance: All splash range +4
- Units speed balance: Nemesis +1, Nova +1
- All cities radar scanning range is now used when browsing the map
- Bounty collecting: Now full capacity is used (debris and looting)
- Dynamic battle field X boundary - used when large number of units are fighting
- Fix: Navigating to different cities when viewing message
- Full release of NPC locations
- 4 new unique weapons has been released into real game (see in-game guide for details)
- Fix: Unknown units were displayed wrongly
- Fix: Debris field equipment quantity was calculated wrongly in some cases

- Fix: Techlab calculator display fixes
- New server statistic: total units cell usage (= total armies power)
- Few new unique weapons has been added for testing in simulator
- Simulator: Unit editor: added max bonus button
- Fix: It was possible to send message to not active player
- Weapon dynamic accuracy has been modified to take into account unit size
- Select target behavoiur: new command - Clustered enemies (when used with splash weapons it will target unit will most enemies in splash range)
- NPC locations without bounties: see for details
- Fix: Infrastructure statistics were inaccurate in some cases
- Fix: Alliance invitation - there was possibility to invite not activated player
- Mission bounties, debris field equipment received small icons
- Visualizer and e-mail translations
- Payment system: improved handling for pending payments
- Fix: Resource input, huge numbers were causing crash
- Translation engine: 70% performance improvement
- Fix: Battle visualization (units were not gray-out after destroyed by splash damage)
- Splash weapons
- New weapons balance
- Polish UI translation
- Fix: Alliance overview text (invalid max. length)
- Map: On FF browser it is now possible to move map by mouse wheel (x and y)
- Client side timers are now more adequate and independent from browser speed
- Map navigation: ESC = Center map, ENTER = default action (depending on map type: Send, Harvest, etc)
- Mini-Shoutbox: last post is displayed and auto-refreshed on the main screen (by clicking it you will enter full Shoutbox)
- Shoutbox: by clicking on player name you are redirected to player profile
- Fix: Shoutbox: scroll was jumping to the end upon auto-refresh
- Fix: Shoutbox: not able to use % character
- Fix: Alliance text update (was crashing if text was longer than 1024 characters)
- Shoutbox improvements: faster UI, dynamic auto-refresh based on user activity
- Alliance Shoutbox!
- Fix: Unit killer was destroying units being recycled
- Automatic notification about features about to expire (less than 8 hours)
- New credit feature: Units re-arm and repair speed -25%
- Fix: Battle visualization: wrong calculation of weapon usage was causing exception "destroying when quantity = 0"
- Unit upgrade: Unit is fully repaired during the upgrade
- Fix: Unit upgrade: In certain cases unit strength was wrongly calculated
- Superhero account: Added new option (mark city that is under attack on the main cities list), cost +1 credit
- Description added to each credits feature
- Base resource transformation speed has been increased from 80 to 100 per hour
- New credits feature: Resource transformation efficiency 100%, speed x 10 (at Recycling Workshop)
- Fix: Deleting players (was queuing for too long)
- Mech Hero payment system
- Exchange post: Added max exchange ratio (4:1) and additional checks to disable fake transactions
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Re: Release history
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- Fix: Battle report: unit equipment summary was not displayed properly in some cases
- Map: improved AJAX loading + cool loading indicator;)
- Debris fields: new equipment balance (#374)
- Better adjusted fonts for Linux
- Fix: Destroying planetary council - player is not kicked out of the alliance if planetary council exists in other cities
- Simulator: New way of saving configuration (multiple configurations)
- Simulator: Unit editor: weapon range comparison
- Fix: Battle engine: in some cases battle was finished earlier than it should be
- Unit behaviour: Battlefield positioning added (used to position unit at front, middle or back of the formation) - used in case of several lines of units
- Simulator: Several UI improvements + cells usage of unit and army
- Simulator: max units increased to 32
- Fix: Unit equipment: playing with several browser tabs + back button was causing invalid equipment configurations
- Fix: No exp when player attack himself
- Server statistics: new statistic cities destroyed
- Fix: When destroying Planetary council to lvl 0 player should be kicked out from the alliance
- Building target selection: Planetary council added as possible target
- 2D battle engine is released into server battles
- Bunker: now it hides support vehicles as well (see support vehicle weight in guide)
- Simulator: Unit editor - added bonuses
- Battle reports: link to visualization
- Unit upgrade: now upgrading is queued in Mech Factory together with unit production
- Battle report: bounty is displayed always - even if nothing has been stolen
- Unit recycle: unit equipment is dropped before recycle however equipment configuration is keept
- Visualization: Zoom feature added
- Simulator: Max units increased to 24
- Battle algorithm: Units initial placements, breaks between units has been slightly decreased, also some space between the borders has been added
- Fix: Simulator: equipment list was not keeping selected item after errors
- Simulated players will now build bunkers as well
- Simulator: 2D engine + visualization
- Simulator: added link to equipment details + equipment list grouped by equipment type
- Map: selection cursor added
- Fix: Unit killer had a problem when cells level = 0

- Fix: Unit equipment screen could crash if used on several browser tabs
- Unit upgrade - before the upgrade all equipment is taken out from the unit (due to capacity differences)
- Fix: Unit upgrade - upgraded unit capacity was wrongly calculated in case of capacity bonus
- Battle simulator: clear all button added
- Fix: Battle reports: Experience was not displayed properly
- Fix: Battle algorithms: Battle was crashing when destroying building that is currently being build to level 1
- Fix: Bunkers are showing now summary of hidden things for all bunkers (#375)
- Guide: added in-game guide tasks and game-play articles
- Fix: Statistic find by rank was causing crash in some cases
- Battle report: distance to target added (tooltip at current target)
- General code optimization (game overall performance should be increased)
- Fix: No of harvesters required was calculating wrongly in case of equipment
- Fix: Weekly merchant statistics calculation was wrong
- Select building target: added Armory as possible target
- Battle algorithm: building destruction: if no target selected due to lack of building of certain type, targeting is switch to select random target
- Debris fields creation: new balancing (10..50% resources + equipment: inversely to the cell usage)
- Debris report: added % of debris collected
- Merchant statistics: calculation algorithm has been improved to avoid cheating
- Fix: Battle report: units display order (was wrong in case of reinforcing players)
- Battle simulator: By default report is shown without rounds details
- Battle simulator: Superhero account allows importing player units into simulator
- Battle algorithm: added some randomization when determining order of units
- Fix: Command Center was showing double error messages
- Battle simulator (
- Fix: Battle report: Building destruction rounds were displayed wrongly (qty / rounds)

- Battle report: small adjustments of building destruction rounds display
- Fix: Alliance broadcast button was visible for invalid alliances
- Battle report: added details damage impacted/received (player tooltip), cells destroyed (unit tooltip)
- Building build error messages display order is improved to show more precised info
- Fix: Progress control was displayed wrongly when min > max
- Fix: Battle algorithms: Units where not moving in some cases
- In-game guide: guide summary pane added + guide is now started automatically after activation
- New battle framework (slightly adjusted battle reports)
- Minor improvements in message view / send UI
- Purchasing credit features: Added BIG warning message about overriding features
- Login screen: rotating adds
- Fix: In some cases it was possible that building queue has been switched off
- Behaviour building target: new buildings added
- Fix: Recovery station: Option to delete unit was missing
- Transporting equipment: if not enough place for all equipments at destination, system tries to store most valuable equipment first
- Fix: Battle report: units wrong display order (not grouped by player)
- MapExport: city points added
- Superhero account: After sending harvesters you are sent back to map
- Fix: Unit killer engine performance improvement
- New credit feature: Super queue (10 buildings actions but only for 1 day)
- Extending building queue (now you can override options - for ex. if you have building queue 2 active, you can buy option - extend to 4 - however credits difference is NOT returned) #218
- New unit recovery rules, see #059
- Fix: Player award was displayed wrongly on the profile in some cases
- Fix: Navigation screen was crashing when debris contained eq. only
- Superhero account: number of harvesters required to collect debris
- Map export for external tools, see
- Navigation screen: Activity history now has links to reports!  ;D
- Fix: It was possible to send harvesting mission with 0 harvesters
- Statistics (long numbers are converted to XX K)
- New weekly statistic: Best Merchant
- Weekly statistics: new layout
- Fix: Armory equipment quantity issue
- Fix: Small UI glitch in debris field details
- Special codes (for portals) features
- Equipment research cost balance (in general should be cheaper)
- MBB cell usage increased to 100
- Planetary council building cost reduced (at higher levels)
- Credit feature: Superhero account (overview screen + Exchange post sell resources duplicator) - soon more features will be included
- Fix: After finishing last guide task there was no confirmation message (guide task tab simply disappear)
- Fix: Alliance broadcast 'Player [alliance] not found' error #357
- Better handling of invalid post data errors
- Message send: BBCode icons
- Fix: Techlab calculator - unlock was crashing is some cases
- Fix: Alliance view was crashing when members did not have any off / def statistics so far
- Harvester properties change: Speed from 8 to 12, Cell usage from 5 to 30
- Navigation screen: added list of missions to this location
- Debris fields scanning (click on the debris field, if it's in scanning range you should see it content)
- Fix: Quantity of support vehicles was wrongly displayed (in engineering facility)
- Map flags list: Player cities (white flag) added to the list
- Fix: Small UI glitches of Recycling workshop #336
- In-game guide: Added markers ready / not yet ready for the task requirements
- In-game guide: Now current task is viewed as separate tab in Messages
- Fix: In-game guide: Problem with validating building requirements in some cases #219
- Map: some performance improvements (around 20% of AJAX data reduced)
- Fix: Application error when trying to buy already bought auctions
- Dedicated registration links for portals
- Fix: BB Code for awards was not displayed properly on the profile
- Message list: no of messages per screen increased to 15
- Awards system for weekly best players (see
- Fix: Unlocking labs at calculator was causing problems when lab research was in progress
- Science academy: added % of cost reduction per research
- Fix: Production speed boost display problem #338
- Profile -> Awards: list of weekly awards
- Simple BB Code is now allowed in messages and player/alliance overview (b, i, u, color, size and url - works only for in-game links for example:
- Fix: Equipment template - in some cases wrong template name was shown
- Alliance broadcasts - now you can enter [alliance] in recipients field to broadcast the alliance #347
- New alliance role - Broadcaster - regular member with ability to broadcast alliance, all roles above Regular member can broadcast alliance now.
- Message reply - multiple "Re:" issue
- Fix: Battle: Select target -> targeted by most friendly units (was not working properly in some cases)
- Daily / weekly stats delta (distinct colors, hints)
- Daily stats merged into Server stats
- New statistic - weekly top 5 (STATS -> Weekly) + including 2 new: Looting, Harvesting ;D
- New statistic framework (more flexible, better performance)
- Fix: map hangs after 7 clicks #333
- Fix: main menu display #335
- Unit send: now navigates to mission military tab
- Tech lab: locket levels display decreased
- Fix: Question form was crashing in some cases
- Map: added flag list for quick navigation
- TechLab: lock / un-lock labs level feature
- Activity list: when clicking on different missions it redirects you now to specialized mission tab (e.g transport, harvesting etc)
- Clicking on Mech Hero logo redirects you to the city view
- City units counter added to UNIT button, count = all units in the city including player and reinforcing units
- Map display improvement on mobile devices (iPhone etc)
- Fix: Action archiving is done directly after action execution (as result action history is up to date)
- Message system: added 'Mark as Read', 'Mark as Unread'
- Fix: Wrong display order of actions #328, #334
- Debris fields balance: less fields with larger deposits
- City screen: load performance improvement
- Fix: Number of simultaneous harvest missions is limited by Recycling Workshop building level
- Fix: Error when building city on debris field
- Harvesting debris feature see
- Fix: Equipment template - in some cases wrong template name was shown
- Alliance broadcasts - now you can enter [alliance] in recipients field to broadcast the alliance #347
- New alliance role - Broadcaster - regular member with ability to broadcast alliance, all roles above Regular member can broadcast alliance now.
- New map graphic elements
- Fix: recycle / hour decimal point reduced
- Map: PNG exchanged with GIF - should render faster on slow PC's
- Recycling workshop: cost of building has been significantly decreased
- Recycling workshop: UI improvements + more details for current processing
- Login screen: better information for not activated players
- Exchange post: small adjustments to the UI
- Fix: Wrong cost of upgrade is some cases #321
- Recycling workshop: resource transformation feature added
- New building: Recycling workshop
- Mission type: Attack / Move radio button exchanged with standard buttons

- Fix: Locked players could be scanned
- Fix: Players under protection time could be scanned #254
- Fix: Undetected scans now will not be visible at activity history #307
- Fix: When clicking on world map, then clicking on other menu (while map still loading) error pop-up was displayed
- new scanning balance
- Battle report: information added about shields damage #314
- Additional performance improvements to a world map
- Protection time for new players extended for 5 to 7 days
- Fix: Alliance was not properly displayed on the map (in some cases)
- Tool-tips with detailed research description in Tech Lab calculator #282
- Fix: Alliance leave in planetary council was crashing app.
- Navigation screen: map sector added + small UI improvements
- Some performance improvements for the world map
- Fix: Navigation screen: Was showing wrong actions when player was not in the alliance #306
- Fix: Battle algorithms: Target selection - same as general - now is omitted when no general in the army
- Fix: Navigation screen: Activity list was not showing all valid activities
- Exchange post: separate tabs for buying equipment and resources
- Fix: Only map locations 3,3,4 should be used for a new player
- New algorithm to dispatch players on the map (now player can select sector of the planned to be placed in) #295
- New registration screen + simplified process
- More advanced e-mail validation
- Additional map flags: white for player owned cities, yellow for alliance
- Decreased db. transaction size when deleting player (less locks)
- Fix: Overview screen - cities are property sorted now #157
- Fix: Map was crashing when trying to jump to different planet (not owned by player)
- Multi-account protection program
- Fix: In case of long profile description - profile overview UI was displayed wrongly
- Mini-map: mouse click to jump over the map
- Command center now displays avg. points required for the next city
- Player notifications: inactive accounts will be deleted in one month
- Possibility to hide building levels and activity box on main city screen
- Fix: Time Zones now uses daylight saving #257
- Fix: Map AJAX problem under IE 7 #47, #18
- Guide: added production per level #280
- Fix: Unit killer report was sent only to city owner (should be send also to reinforcing players) #286
- Fix: Map flags wrong behaviour when flag limit reached #283
- Simulated players now can build units
- Navigation screen: resource fields info added to a city info
- Fix: Navigation screen: underline error (for Chrome) #279
- Off/Def ranks added to player overview screen
- Fix: Unable to cancel repair or rearm when credit option 'auto repair/rearm' was active #276
- Fix: Registered On date at player overview was using wrong date/time personalization
- Facebook link added
- Fix: Double error in Radar station
- Fix: Return military mission color #257
- Fix: Translations #277
- Players statistics exposed at login screen
- Fix: When no target city anymore scan action was crashing
- Unit killer: optimization (less database locks)
- Fix: Unit transport capacity was rounding wrongly
- MapFlag - limit extended to max. 64 flags per player
- Battle: General attacks first now #269
- MapFlag - use same flag - deletes existing flag, use of different flag overrides current flag
- Mini-map optimizations
- Fix: Alliance kick-out function was working wrongly #259, #260
- Fix: translations on unit upgrade screen
- Map overview (small map on the main map view) #194
- Navigation screen: added list of recent activities (attacks, spying)
- Include links to player / city in scanning report #255
- Fix: Could not start unit upgrade even mech hanger is available #258
- Fix: you could scan players with not elapsed peace time  #254
- Battle report: do not show 'support vehicles destroyed' label when no vehicles been destroyed
- Fix: Bug when browsing units from returning mission
- Cancel building is now showing more details in confirmation
- Fix: Estimated resource was giving wrong time when 0 or negative production
- Fix: Estimated capacity overload was giving wrong time when 0 or negative production
- Map overview prototype
- Fix: Wrong attacker/defender title in battle report #250
- Fix: Unit behaviour escape when out of rockers / anti-building lost - now they activate only if unit had such weapons in first place
- Question to support feature
- Not enough resources error -  added estimated time to reaching enough
- Resource storage's: added estimated time to overflow
- Battle report: WIN % statistic added (should provide estimate who really won)
- Message added on the main screen when account is marked for deletion
- Confirmation message added after successful account settings change
- Statistic units: mech icons added
- Sending mail message 24 hours before account deletion
- Not activated accounts deletion (after 7 days)
- City building level labels (different color depending on status - GREEN - currently building, ORANGE - queued for building)
- Fix: Canceling 2'nd level build action (when 1'st level is still building) was causing failed to build error upon build finish
- Unit: warnings when: unit has no equipment on, unit require re-arming, unit require repairing
- Fix: Auto re-arm & repair (credit option) was not executed after: re-arming / repairing / recover end or cancel
- Confirmation box'es added in few places (templates / research etc)
- Fix: Player overview screen was crashing when wrong player id was passed
- Fix: Guide screen was crashing when wrong entity id was passed
- Fix: Message reply was putting wrong topic (when original message had no topic)
- More advanced E-Mail validation algorithm
- Statistic player / cities: query performance optimization
- MBB, Transport units, Satellites - link to Guide added in (Command Center, Exchange post, Radar station)
- Send start guide reminder (after 3 hours from activation - when guide was not started)
- Standard buttons in start guide / go to next task messages
- Hide behaviour templates that can't be applied on selected unit (as no behaviour commands are available)
- Disable copy & paste on registration / confirm email input
- Colors added to different unit statuses
- Adjustments to exp. calculation #025
- Referral program
- Fix: Unit equipment screen was crashing when working on multiple tab
- Automatic notification about referral program (after 5 days)
- Fix: Translation fix #242
- Fix: Alliance max. no of players #246
- Registration: disabled race drop-down
- New e-mail format (html styles added)