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Author Topic: NPC Spawns  (Read 103 times)

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NPC Spawns
« on: June 03, 2019, 05:09:19 AM »

My suggestion is relatively simple, yet I feel would vastly improve the current game situation:

Change NPC spawn strength levels to be based off total unit consumption instead of total cell production.
Proviso: exact numbers would need to change.

Yes, this would force significant alterations to current strategies, but  I feel its for the better.
I know devs would like to focus on MH 2.0 instead of working on this, but if it doesn't take much time to implement and would greatly improve things it's worth doing.

Explanation: Whilst many are focusing on the current debris abuse method of NPC spawns (and yes that is a problem), the fundamental issue in my opinion seems to be missed. The current system heavily favours mindless grinding of low level NPCs by utilising a single/few setups and keeping base power production low enough to avoid high NPC spawns

It is counter-intuitive that increasing your power production and creating bigger NPCs can be counter-productive.
Yes, players can challenge higher NPCs if they wish to (and so on and so forth), but they will struggle to keep up with someone focused on playing the super efficient route.

Currently this makes it not friendly to new players. It's also unfriendly to those seeking challenge as the reward payoff vs mindless grinding is not equal.

Now to those that argue there's nothing stopping you from playing how you like, please remember this is at heart a competitive game. One Alliance wins at the end. If one method of play has an advantage, you're potentially losing by not picking it.

Now onto the rationale of the proposed change: By switching to total unit consumption as a metric. The NPCs scale with the number of active mechs. It provides the axiom of choice: You can use a small number of smaller mechs to farm smaller NPCs or go big and have both playstyles still be effective. It provides incentive to kill as big as possible with the smallest amount possible. What is destroyed is having a large force supplied by smaller NPCs.

In this way it helps open it up to both casual and competitive players alike. Should this system not be implemented please at least take it into consideration with MH 2.0

If anyone disagrees or has better ideas, please respond. I'd at least like to see improvement :)
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