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Author Topic: Missiles  (Read 264 times)

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« on: May 11, 2019, 07:26:20 PM »

I have said this before, so I will mention it again before I start this thread...

The missile system used to be about 3 times faster in production than it is currently. You devs say nothing has changed, but it has. I have docs that show differently than current system. I have playstyles using missles that have become obsolete because of the change. I have used this playstyle once or twice before, so I know it could have been done at one time. I mention this in the hope the missle system is at least returned to what it once was.

The missile system was at one time on its way to being very useful. Now it is....meh. As it is now, you would need at least 10 cities producing missiles non-stop to make them a viable weapon by end-game. You need thousands of them stockpiled and even then, this will only give you a few fully equipped attacks (talking about hundreds of mechs).

If you guys want to make them useful again, then you must make them a viable option for at least a mid-sized account;lets say 6 to 8 city player. That would mean this mid-level player could have maybe 4 to 6 cities making missiles. Use this idea accordingly to figure out how cheaply and quickly made missiles must be. You do the math.

I would guess you need to reduce time per missile to a third, and expense by half. Furthermore, missile production should use no cells at all.

If you like, you could make a new building just for building missiles to cover the speed increase. You could even add a missile silo to store the missiles (stockpile thousands of them).

As you have mentioned, you also need to make some anti-missile system. You suggested the AMG, which is a very good idea. The AMG's on a mech could stack as well to add value to missile defense.

Please consider this next game, as I will be once again changing my playstyle, and would like to revert to my missile build I once had.

BTW, I am fairly sure all of this has been posted before, but your search is defunct.


The Dude