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Author Topic: A lots of insane ideas  (Read 151 times)

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A lots of insane ideas
« on: April 27, 2019, 03:14:40 PM »

I have a lots of ideas and I thought sharing them in this topic would be amazing. I want this game to become live once again. So let's work on it together and share your ideas too ;)
Let me start with modified idea I already made topic about it to have it all together.

New mech, "The Conquerror" (can be called anyhow else, depends on admins will).
hull strenght:1200
equipment capacity: 1000
movement speed: 12
cells usage: 4000
Unique ability: Conquerror have a built in shield with 2000 points of combined durability (blocking both balistic and energy attacks). Shield fully regenerate after each battle, only exception is if shield is destroyed. Destroyed shield takes 5 rearming cycles to be set up again, each cycle replenish 400 durability points. Even if shield is only particulary recovered and mech gets into combat, shield will be again fully regenerated.
research requirements
AI unit, robotic workshop: lvl 9 (max level inicrased by 1)
force field lab: lvl 5
particle accelerator: lvl 2
production cost: 400K Crystals, 100K Gas, 40K Cells
For construction is needed lvl 9 mech factory (max level inicrased by 1)

new "Recon" mech
A small mech with 2 slots restricted for antibuilding weapons only (upto 2pieces of AB weapon in total) and 400 inner capacity which can be used to steal enemy resources or to equip radar system equipment. Mech is moving in speed of 30 and have 4 available mods,
1. AntiBuilding mod - Recon infiltrate enemy base and in 5 minutes he continously attack enemy buildings (choosen in behavior),
2. Theft mod -  Recon steals unprotected resources and equipment to the moment max capacity is reached (equipment and choosen resources are collected frist, behavior can be set to only equipment, only resources and both together)
3. Sabotage mod - Recon attack enemy buildings with all firepower at once, while destroying buildings equipment and resources in them have 60% chance to be destroyed too (each stack of 2000 resources and 1 piece of equipment individually or 60% of resources are destroyed and each pice of equipment have 60% chance to be destroyed), if attacking mech hangar, mechs in it are damged.
4. Scout mod - Recon stay in players city for 4hours while all informations about city are monitored and can be seen by mech's owner anytime. After Recon leaves city, only informations of storage, mechs and buildings at the moment he left are saved. In this mod recon can not see protected storage (bunkers).
Recon can be spoted anytime while in enemy city. At sabotage mode, Recon is allways spoted. If Recon is rewealed and in city are available combat units Recon gets destroyed. Chance of revealing enemy Recon grows with spec ops building's level, amount of mechs in the city and caused damage. If recon runs behind maximal comunication range he can not be controled and he doesn't send any informations
Recon to be operated needs spec ops building lvl 1 (a new building, max lvl 5, Upgrading spec ops inicrase effeciency, max number of missions, chance of revealing enemy Recons and Satelites, while reducing own scout's chance of beeing spoted) and mech hangar lvl 5 to be built.
Researches needed: AI unit, robotic workshop and experimental radar system lvl 4, force field laboratory lvl 2

Radar module
Special equipment usable only on recon mech, Radar module allow Recon to comunicate with spec ops building. Base module range is 15. Addind more radar modules inicrase informations quality (upto 5 modules).
weight: 40
cells usage: 70

Radar signal buffer
Special equipment for Recon mech, with growing amount of modules max range of comunication grows by 5 for each module
weight: 10
cells usage: 30

Harvesting system update
Harvesting misions will be composed of harvesters and transporters. Harvesters can still be sent without transporters but regradless their numbers, they can not pick up item with weight exceeding their capacity (even 1000 harvesters will never pick up a single Ion Pulse Canon).
If you ask me why, I just dislike how harvesters now are able to "disassemble" equipment and then asemble it in no time. It is just like digging a 10cm wide hole and pulling in a pipe with cross section of 20cm.

Harvesting resources will take some time. If one piece of equipment is beeing collected by more harvesters, speed stacks.

Harvester (the one which is in game now)
traveling speed: 20
capacity: 30
harvesting speed: 1 second - 200 resources or 10kg of equipment
size: 20

Quick Harvester
traveling speed: 25
capacity: 20
harvesting speed: 1 second - 500 resources or 20Kg of equipment
size: 25
extra requirements: Recycling workshop lvl 3
                              Engineering facilty lvl 3
                              science academy lvl 2

Transporting update
Transporters will not be able to carry equipment exceeding their capacity (same as harvesters - 4 basic transporters, 5 Ion Pulse Canons, Each transporter takes 1 IPC so each transporter have 20 capacity left = 80 free capacity units = weight of IPC, but it still can not be taken becouse it doesn't fit in either one of them.)

Ambushing transporters
Transporting and harvesting missions can be randomly attacked by NPC units. Only player without protection can be attacked. NPC army size is based on transporting value (equipment value is base production cost). Values of: 0~10K , 8K~50K, 35K~100K, 80K~500K, 300K+ can lure out (in same order) NPC attacks of size: 170~250, 250~400, 400~640, 640~1000, 1000~1600

Armored transporter
equipment capacity: 80Kg
traveling speed: 40
hull strenght: 600
equipable capacity: 200Kg
size: 70
requirements: engineering facilty lvl 3
                     armory lvl 2
                     science academy lvl 1
                     exchange post lvl 1

Heavy transporter
equipment capacity: 160Kg
traveling speed:30
hull strenght:1500
equipable capacity: 500Kg
size: 100
requirements: engeneering facilty lvl 6
                     armory lvl 6
                     science academy lvl 2
                     exchange post lvl 1

Basic transporter (the one which is in game nowdays)
equipment capacity: 100Kg
 -cannot transport mechs
travel speed: 20
size: 30
requirements not changed

capacity: 250Kgs of Equipment or 100 Mech's size
traveling speed: 45
size: 60
extra requirement:  engineering facilty lvl 5
                             exchange post office lvl 3
Medium transporters
capacity: 500Kg of equipment or 300 mech's size
travel speed: 45
size: 80
extra requirement:  engineering facilty lvl 7
                             exchange post office lvl 5

Large transporters
capacity: 1000Kg of equipment (100k resources) or 500 mech's size
travel speed: 40
size: 120
extra requirement:  engineering facilty lvl 8
                             exchange post office lvl 8

mechs size would be then: Raptor: 15, Vulture: 20, Puma: 20, Atlas:40, Spider Tank:50, Wolverine: 60, Bionic: 80, Conquerror: 120, Nemessis: 150, Nova:250.

Teleportation Altar
Altar is new building which allows player to quickly transport units or resources between cities.
Teleportation Altar can be only used to conect city with linked Altar.
  -Altars are linked with player himself, aliance members and whitelisted players.
  -Evry teleportation takes 60 seconds.
Teleportation is has a limit of total mechs size upto 2000 or transporters and harvesters of size upto 600
Teleporting makes Altar cooling down for 30 minutes and hosting someone's else teleportation adds 10 minutes to cool down time. Altar can be heated up to 40minutes of cooling down. If heating level is exceeted, action is interrupted and building is beeing damged.
Initiating teleportation consumes 5k cells.ยจ
Maximal teleportation range is 60+lvl*20 (up to 300)
requirements: Command center lvl 15
                      Planetary coucil
                      Power coil lvl 3
                      Radar station lvl 8
                      Exchange post lvl 5
technology:     AI unit lvl 4
                      Experimental radar system lvl 3
                      Particle accelerator lvl 2

New ranged weapon "Sniper"
type: balistic
damage: 25
range: 160
reload speed: 2
accuracy: 99%
weight: 50
cells usage: 30
required research: balistic laboratory lvl 6
                            physic laboratory lvl 3
                            particle accelerator lvl
production cost: 15k crystals 8k gas 5k cells

New weapon for electronic combat: Stunner
type: Energy
damage: 80
range: 150
reload speed: 5
accuracy: 95
splash range: 50
weight: 80
cells usage: 130
Unique Ability:
All damage dealt to shileds is multiplied 4times + aditional 1 time of damage is aplied on mech's hull. While hitting enemy, Stunner reduce enemy combat power following way:
attack range: -20%
accuracy: -10% (of current accuracy= for 100% it is -5%, for 60% it is -3%)
movement speed: If movement speed is upto 6 then speed is reduced by 1, higher speeds than 6 are reduced by 2 points
Debuff can only stack upto 3 times, slowing debuff doesn't stack. (stacking works like: 20% debuf=*0,8 then 3*20% debuf it is "current stat"*0,8*0,8*0,8=*0,512=51,2% )
Debuff last for 4 turns while with each turn is weakening by 50% of current debuff value
splash hiting cloaked unit reveals it

new anti debuff protection: EM Protection Layer
type: EM protection
firewall level: 15%
weight: 20
cells usage: 30
Stacks any number of times. (stacking work the same as weapon's stacking) Protects only a mech equiped with this.

Another new anti EM protection equipment: EM Resistant Field
type: EM protection
firewall level: 10%
weight: 80
cells usage: 150
Stacking works same as it is with a single unit protector, both equipment power stacks (stacking works standard way: *0,85*0,85*0,9 for unit with 2 single unit protectors and 0,85*0,9 is for unit with 1 single unit protector, both supported by 1 area protector field.) Field protects all friendly units in radius of 100.

Buffer EM combat equipment "Mech Accelerator"
type: EM buffer
buff: +5% attack range
        +10% accuracy (80% accuracy means 20% chance for mising, with buffer mis chance would be 20*0,9=18% for mis and 82% for hit)
        +10% crit
weight: 30
cells usage: 50

Team buffer EM equipment "Supportive Field"
type: EM buffer
buff: +5% range
         +5% accuracy
         +5% crit
weight: 100
cells usage: 250

new artificial rocket weapon, "Star Missle"
type: missle
damage: 250 balistic, 350 energy
range: 150
reload speed: 1
accuracy: 90%
shots by: 3
splash range: 60
weight: 40
cells usage: 200
Production cost: 12k crystals, 60K gas, 13K cells

new artifical energy weapon: "Pulsar
type: energy
damage: 140
range: 115
reload speed: 1
accuracy: 100%
weight: 60
cells usage: 300
Production cost: 90k crystal, 30k gas, 60k cells

a new Arifical combined weapon "Acid Sprayer"
type: combined
damage: 15 balistic
damage over time: 25 balistic and 40 energy, stacking upto 20 times and lasting 4 turns
range: 25
reload speed: 2
accuracy: 85%
splash range: 15
weight: 40
cells consumation: 70

16k~32k cells NPC hive,
Artifact: Pulsar, Star Misle, Acid Sprayer
possible deffence setup 1:
4x Nova - 1x multilayer plating, 1x advanced deffense system, 7x kinetic projector, 2x adaptive force field;
1x Conquerror - 2x adaptive force field, 2x advanced deffence system, 84x phantom rifle;
6x Bionic - 10x railgun IIs, 1x adaptive force field, 3x advanced deffence system;
4x Atlas - 6x power claws, atlas jetpack, 1x advanced deffence system, 1x complete force field
5x Spider Tank - 7x power claws, spider tank jetpack, 1x multilayer plating, 1x complete force field

NPC hive 32k-100k

Nowdays many players are bullying weaker players so in order to avoid such a in-game behavior, I think inicrasing deffensive capabilities would help them as well as it would inicrase usefullness of antibuilding weapons at higher levels and made late game useless turets usefull too. Another update of turrets and deffensive buildings would be that they instead of beeing instantly ready at full HP, they would take some time to repair (reconstruction starts automaticly after battle and will regenerate 5% of turret's max HPs evry 30 seconds. Destroyed turret must be reconstructed manually and takes 1 cycle of reconstruction long 30 minutes.

Light Deffence Turret
Dmg inicrased to 60 balistic and 40 energy
range inicrased to 150
accuracy inicrased to 70%
hull strenght reduced to 300
cells usage: 40
max cap inicrased to 15

Defence Turret
dmg inicrased to 170 balistic and 230 energy
range inicrased to 180
accuracy inicrased to 80%
splash range decreased to 25
hull strenght reduced to 600
cells usage: 100
max cap inicrased to 6

New Defence Turret "Canon Turret"
damage: ballistic 600
range: 165
reload speed: 2
accuracy: 50,0 %
splash range: 60,0
hull strength: 800
max cap: 3
cells usage: 200

a Trench with sandbags
A deffensive building allowing player to put his mechs in it, decrase suffered damage of unit by 30%, unit become immobile

a small deffensive perimeter dealing 400 splash damage in radius of 40, mines are placed randomly (or by player, it doesn't matter) in 60% of battlefield width from center to enemy side (battlefield's lenght is for example 1000, 500 is in center and 60% of 500 is 300 so mines are placed between 200s (500-300) and 500s. Minefield is distanced 15% from top and bot border too.

A ground feature imobilize any unit steping in it for 5 turns, accuracy whlie attacking imobilized unit is inicrased by 100% (80% chance for hit means 20% for mis, with doubled accuracy is chance to mis halved). Imobilized unit have reduced attack range by 20% as well as suffered damage is inicrased by 10%

cloaked units
cloaked units are able to apear behind enemy mechs same as jetpacks without losing a single point of capacity (wheter it spawn behind enemy units or together with his own mechs is set by behavior, mech is cloaked to the moment it attack enemy, cloaked unit can be hit by splash damage)

Random events:
Sandstorm, slow down traveling units by 15%
Solar Blasts, all traveling units are continously damged by 2% of current HPs evry 15seconds and have a small chance to damge equipment - repairing costs 20% of what production does (last up to 15 minutes)
Earthquake, deals 300 damage to all buildings

Credits system update
Evrything that can be bought for credits has a small price adjustment.
Credits can be get as a loot from NPC hives with some chance. While attacking enemy player there is a chance to get some credits as a reward, chance for credits dropping grow with inicrasing damage coused and is also dependant on player's honor and infrastructure points difference (stronger enemy and higher honor means higher chance). Credits can be also found at derbis field while harvesting it completly (more resources and equipment harvested at finishing mision means higher chance).
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