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Author Topic: Global News Network  (Read 352 times)

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Global News Network
« on: July 14, 2018, 04:15:18 PM »

The thing this game lacks most is information. Small, inexperienced players mostly have no idea what is going on at all, even if they are lucky enough to have joined some alliance. Even experienced players that know how to read reports will have hard time to notice events going on between two different alliances. That's one thing I always had spy accounts all over the place, just to increase my awareness. A lot can be read from analysis of player activity graphs, but that is a superhero feature only select few are even aware of, even less know how to read and analyse that information. But as it is, that's the only way you can get a guess about distant battles.

So, there's idea: have a place that would show interesting reports, server wide.

They may not appear there real time, but have a set delay or even be a summary of some time period, probably previous day on S1 or even previous week on S3.

Now, the really hard question is, what constitutes an interesting report, and what parameters to use to automate the news network.

Some small number of biggest PvP battles comes as obvious candidates. However, the true interesting things are not as easy determined, small, balanced battles with high damage and decisive results may be the most wanted, and much more interesting than large, mundane farming runs.

There might be minimum limit to show up, and some (really high) threshold above what all battles show up, even without counting towards the daily limits.

Anti-building attacks should appear also. City removal is almost always news-worthy,  other attacks may be displayed as largest by damage done of a period, with a minimum threshold to exclude small friendly bombings like artifact move or cell-lock break.

Then, even some truly impressive, record breaking farming runs may be of interest as well.

Even strange, or unlikely NPC attacks may show of, but only once in a great while, and never repeats of the same.

200+ novas lost to starvation? Frankly, that's news worthy as well. Experienced players see such events rather easily if they are looking around at all. Then, it is bad enough as it is, so such may not be desirable to be shown as direct reports, but maybe there might be "anomalies in energy grid" being reported without details. It even might go both ways, highlighting mech gathering of extreme scale as well. Those should probably have much longer delay than battle reports.

I understand it not easy to define, but uniqueness of an event should be the main argument, followed by impact size. Mundane, repeatedly reports should be avoided.

Reports making the news should be saved and be accessible till the end of the server, and ideally be searchable not only by date and type (as reported) but also by alliance or even player, size, etc.

(Aside: permanent saving of reports is an idea of a paid service, probably worth its own tread.)



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Re: Global News Network
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2018, 09:50:38 PM »

This is according what I want to achieve - let the game to be alive, make the world, universum Mech Hero, not "just a game".
Such "Global news" network would notify players about different news such as what you described (great battles, trade transactions, statistics, news, turnaments,  etc., but also mercenaries offers, new pilots, quests .... (let's hold on here) :)

Such functionality we want include into MH Social App, mentioned here;topicseen#msg25354
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