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Author Topic: infrastucture points ? maximize/minimize/manipulation ? charts/tables ?  (Read 1746 times)

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hello people

First, let me say how glad I am to be back into the game.

I really do not know what the situation is in regard to the game status
but I'm very pleased to least get one more chance to play.

Second, my question is about the efficient development of infrastructure.

I realize that any particular vision you might have about how you want to play
will guide development (merchant,fighter,etc).
At the moment,however, I'm interested in idea of city growth with the goal
of establishing some arbitrary number of cities and THEN beginning city specialization.

In other words, how quickly can you reach 800 pts ?
What mix of buildings? At what levels ?
What effect research has?

If its the  last chance of playing this game, I would like to at least be efficient.

you all have a good day 




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I'm replying after month, you are propably one of last man starting this game again, I'm not sure really, I always was trying to be uself for bigger players, and getting raws from farming ppl with JP STs, and it was working well :P, have nice game :).


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hello Dobq

nice to hear from you

I hope this game continues for a long time

Mechhero gives me a lot of pleasure and relief from stress

have a good day 


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nah, i wanna play too! but no clue as to if new servers will go up. Devs have quit from what i understand.


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Re: infrastucture points ? maximize/minimize/manipulation ? charts/tables ?
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2017, 09:49:08 PM »

Search my posts, I believe I have posted some insight around here. I was about to create a guide, but afraid that never happened. Now that's a long time since I quit, my memory of intricate details is faded a bit.

You don't need to specifically concentrate on infrastructure growth, but maximise growth potential. If you need quick boost for points, may be necessary for first three cities, defence turrets are nice temporary buildings for that matter.

You should be able to send out our second city the very moment you build your first MBB vehicle, how fast you can do that is an analytical exercise to solve,  and that's your first goal, to do that as fast as possible, without wasting a idle minute.

How fast? On s1 it is possible to build 3 cities and research spider tanks within the protection time, first 72 hours. On s3 you should be about to build second city, and be close to ST at the end of protection time.

In practice, speed of city building is restricted by speed at which you can produce MBB vehicles, you should do that nearly constantly in at least one city (usually the first), later two, three for the endgame. Over twenty cities can be built within server's lifetime, if I'm not mistaken 27 is the observed record.

Building queue should never be idle. Research should never be idle, until a point. Mechfactory should (almost) never be idle, at least before you gave 300 Nova Tanks. Mechs should never be idle. Harvesters should never be idle.

Do not bother upgrading crystal and gas mines too much, that's waste of time, 99.5% of our income should be from NPC farming and harvesting, how efficiency you can do that determines how fast you can grow more than anything. Eventually you should have around 200 harvesters per city, average, never going further than 7 blocks away, and feel short.