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Author Topic: how does scan work?  (Read 2061 times)

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how does scan work?
« on: February 09, 2014, 12:45:13 AM »

what should i do for a successful scan?? (except 5k sattelites? )  what should i research? what is the rtio of sattelites??? 3-1, 2-1,


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Re: how does scan work?
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2014, 10:45:58 PM »

You mean exact formulas or some guidelines?


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Re: how does scan work?
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2014, 12:42:46 AM »

Well, let me try to give some guidelines.

As stated by the devs repeatedly (search the forums) the scan result formula is very complex, but fully determined.
That means, there is no random numbers there. If scan works with those numbers, it works, if not, there no way to get lucky. I scan a lot, and believe I can confirm that.

Devs don't want to disclose the exact formulas, possibly thinking that those who know will get too much of an advantage. I think, keeping it secret gives too much advantage for those who invest time to research how it works... ;)

Since recent research of it I now believe the normal ratio you need to scan undetected against satellites with similar bonus seems to be 10:3
The ratio to scan successfully, while detected, interests me way less, but I believe it is close to 2:1 or likely bit above that (maybe 5:4?).

If you got detected you will lose some of your satellites. If you don't lose all you can try to estimate how much satellites you need to scan undetected buy adding to your initial number your loses multiplied by... something between 5 and 8... can't say more accurately right now, and it may even not be linear in the first place.

It is said that different types of scan (mechs/buildings/inventory/resources) have slightly different values... I can't confirm that, in my current experience they appears to be similar. Or, the difference is way under 1% if it exists.

Ouch, did I mention your satellites may have bonus?
Well, there is 3 known things that give your satellites some bonus:

1) Radar Station level.
This is the most obvious, and, is quite substantial. It is believed to give more defense bonus than attack bonus.

2) Science Academy research of satellites (cost reduction level)
This is only known case when cost reduction level research gives something useful besides that. It makes your satellites better. Much better.

3) Experimental Radar System (lab in Tech Lab building)
If you look at it, level 8 is allowed while the max level you ever may need to research things (rockets) is... level 5. The last 3 levels are there only to make your satellites better. Yes, it takes up Tech Lab space. Yes, you can't do that at every city. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Until recently I believed it gives only attack bonus. Not true. It gives defense bonus also.

Exact bonus values per level of each are not known, and would require a lot of tenacity and dedication to discover.

But next best thing I can give is few examples...
All following scans are made on current s1, most from city with level 20 RS, level 5 satellite research in SA, level 8 ERS - or, maximum possible bonus
Format is: attacker bonus (RS/SA/ERS), attacker satellite number vs defender satellite number, bonus levels, success -loses

(20/5/8) 80 vs 105 (5/1/0) detected -2
(20/5/8) 90 vs 105 (5/1/0) undetected

(20/5/8) 99 vs 100 (8/1/0) detected -1
(20/5/8) 100 vs 100 (8/1/0) undetected

(20/5/8) 90 vs 87 (11/1/0) detected -2
(20/5/8) 99 vs 87 (11/1/0) detected -1
(20/5/8) 100 vs 87 (11/1/0) undetected

(20/5/8) 299 vs 357 (4/1/2) detected -8
(20/5/8) 311 vs 357 (4/1/2) detected -6
(20/5/8) 333 vs 358 (4/1/2) detected -1

(4/1/2) 330 vs 141 (0/?/?) detected -9
(4/1/2) 367 vs 141 (0/?/?) detected -2
(4/1/2) 373 vs 109 (0/?/?) undetected

(20/5/8) 900 vs ~1.6k (17/5/?) failed -506
(20/5/8) 1842 vs ~2k (20/5/8) failed -963

(20/5/8) 2444 vs 741 (20/5/8) detected -4
(20/5/8) 2525 vs 757 (20/5/8) undetected
(20/5/8) 2709 vs 801 (20/5/8) undetected
(20/5/8) 2709 vs 841 (20/5/8) detected -18

If you can get exact bonuses from those examples or your own research, let me know ;)

Even with all the bonuses maxed, at the end of the day... err, server... you still may end up producing 5k sats... just because you too afraid to burn against someone else with 2k like you, but, if there is, you still can't scan against that undetected... because 8k of sats would be indeed epic waste.
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