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Author Topic: RULES: Transferring credits between servers  (Read 11166 times)

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RULES: Transferring credits between servers
« on: May 09, 2011, 08:21:42 PM »

Rules of Transferring credits between servers:

1. Unused, purchased credit code can be transferred on player request to another server (please send request through in-game support).

2. After deleting the account, unused purchased credits can be moved to another server or account.

For example:
- player XXX purchased 20 credits on S1, he used only 5,
- player XXX decides to delete account on S1,
- after account is physically deleted, a code for remaining 15 credits will be generated and sent by email to player XXX,
- after player XXX registers on a new server, he should be able to use the credit code.

3. Player who purchased and used the code can't transfer remaining unused credits to any other server until his/her account is active.

4. The moved (remaining) credits cannot be moved again. They should be used on destination account.
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