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 on: November 11, 2018, 11:35:28 PM 
Started by TheDude - Last post by Robert-MH
Hi Dude,
When server will be restarted special credit codes are generated and emailed to players. S3 (Slow) is in end game and will be restarted soon. Let me know after that if got credits back. We will announce concrete restart date on the forum.

 on: November 10, 2018, 11:30:28 PM 
Started by TheDude - Last post by TheDude
A few weeks ago, I deleted on the slow server, Just before October 2018 I think it was.

Last week I sent a support ticket about the missing credits. I did not receive an email for the credits left on the server when I deleted. You said you would look into this.

The amount of credits was quite large, as you know. Could you refund them to my email at least before the slow server reset. I will need them.


 on: October 22, 2018, 08:44:38 AM 
Started by Storm - Last post by Furion

On S4 we changed debris generation (less equipment, more resources) - this server is for testing how this is working. I plan introduce new ballistic heavy gun soon.

Hi Robert on the whole the changes in loot drops is ok  Lvl 13 pp x 4 and 20 Nova are able to maintain thier existence from farming around the first base. Lack of equipment drops have forced the researching and production of LRR and PLR so in a way the changes are better.
Question re loot Piles, do they have a life cycle when they will auto delete or do they stay in place until they are harvested?
Thanks  ~S~ Furion

 on: October 20, 2018, 08:34:40 PM 
Started by Storm - Last post by Robert-MH
Hi Storm,
Thank you for the feedback. I am swamped in my dayjob and practicly offline last days, so sorry for delayed response.

On S4 we changed debris generation (less equipment, more resources) - this server is for testing how this is working. I plan introduce new ballistic heavy gun soon.

I don't see NPC spawning issues. Let me know what player you're playing (I cannot see Taipan or Storm nick).

 on: October 20, 2018, 01:53:28 AM 
Started by Storm - Last post by Storm
Looks like the cells in debris fields is halved.  Only 1 Training NPC spawn and wait time before respawn.  Starting is slowed severely.  NPC spawning was really broken before, only hard core players would continue.  Many have suggested making the game more playable for new players, but it fell on deaf ears.  I don't really want to pay for transform on beta, if I keep raising power plant levels, higher level npc spawn.  You took away mech Patrol, or at least I don't see it anymore, no quest missions available.
 No sense continuing even to test changes.  Account on delete.

Tell you what, License me a copy of the game.  Or post a price to sell when you decide to do that.  You think I'm being too harsh?  I like the game; makes me sad to see a game with this potential being destroyed.  Then again, you probably have no clue to what I am talking about in the first paragrah.  A slap on the face usually wakes someone up.  That is all I am doing here.  I'll take the heat for that if it gets the coders to make the game more playable by a wider range of players, not just the 12+ hours a day players.

Lator Gators...

 on: October 18, 2018, 05:52:42 PM 
Started by Storm - Last post by Storm

Thanks for the reply.  I noticed that you replied, so I looked, there is no reply on my firefox browser.  I loaded up chrome and I am able to reply to posts.  ROFL, I might need to update firefox or reinstall it.

I can confirm I am only seeing 1 training NPC.  If many started at the same time you might have been hitting training npc that was spawned from other new players. 

The new things might be worth a check out.  Especially if we have superhero account on beta without paying for it.  I don't mind at all to pay on normal servers for it if I play.  When you must auto-calculate the harvesters to send that will make some new players dislike a game where you need to break out a calculator on every harvest.  I'll use the report function once SHA expires.

Look forward to seeing and testing out the new changes.

 on: October 18, 2018, 04:00:49 PM 
Started by Storm - Last post by Furion
Hi Taipan,
I did not experience a lack of 160-170 training npc at the start of this server ... The changes i have observed, the loot piles created by destroying NPC have more res but less weapons and equipment drops. So much so that 10 nova in my first city were able to maintain thier existence with 4 lvl 13 power plants and a level 2 coil.I have had to research both LRR and PLR earlier in the game than I would normally have done so. I can tell you that on the 10k npc with the bionics and 2 nemisis kp , drop on average 4 loot piles each will contain between 60 and 82 harvesters worth of Res .. about 1 in 15 of them will drop a single KP so a lot harder to build a kp army. The 16k npc's are creating 4 x piles of 90-106 harvesters worth of loot and a similar ratio 1 out of every 15 will drop a kp ... so a big change
For this server the admins gave us super hero account until the end of the server and a 4 build queue , if you do not have this then please use the reporting function in game and tell them , I am sure they will sort it out for you.
The weapon changes that have been introduced on the normal servers are also included here ... at the moment I would say Ballistic has the upper hand , I am about to start testing Missiles and will report here the results I find.
I have asked admin , that as this is a testing server that all researches should be open from the start so that we do not have to build all the structures or go through the building of lots of cities to begin to test the weapons and equipment.
~S~ Furion

 on: October 17, 2018, 06:16:38 PM 
Started by Storm - Last post by Storm

Seems on S4 Beta topic I cannot reply, no reply ability.  Oh well, at least we can still create a new topic.   

So, I wanted to see if anything has changed.  Yes, some, on S4 Beta, for a new player there is only 1 training npc spawning, and it takes time for it to actually spawn.  This makes it very difficult to gain more cells than you are using for the mechs.  Game is slowed down in the beginning and it was never the most friendly game to get started on.  This is a GREAT way to kill any new players, if new players actually come to try.

Cells are always an issue.  If you build your power plants too high you get npc that you cannot kill at your level of mechs.  But, with no training npc to kill, you can never build fast, so this is a wait for resources to build, then build an item or two, wait again.  All this time you are not farming, not harvesting enough; this one change alone will kill what is left of the game.

One thing you can do is change the npc spawn.  Example) Highest city in grid is 1600 production, then you see 1K npc.  make it two lower, so 1600 production will see max 640.  I suggested this change in past, no one listened.  Your game to kill.  Add back 3 training npc not one.  Lower highest level npc to two lower like I suggest.  Make these changes immediately.

you can keep transform at 40%, but x10 speed should be standard.  If this is pay to play game that should be stated up front.  Superhero account should be standard.  These two changes would gain many more players, unless you don't want many players.  I am certain there are more items that can be added to the pay for option.  I think I gave some examples in past. 

I am not the only one to feel this way and this may draw flames.  You want new players to actually play the game.  Please consider these fixes.  If not I'll check back in about 6 months to a year and see further deterioration. 


 on: September 24, 2018, 03:17:03 PM 
Started by Robert-MH - Last post by Robert-MH
In the night time 23-24 Sept 2018 (European timezone) there were outage of internet provider where we hosting some of our components and where we have DNS set up. That was the reason that web site, forum, mailbox, server was not reachable for few hours.

 on: September 23, 2018, 09:02:53 PM 
Started by Robert-MH - Last post by Robert-MH
24 Sept 2018 server will be restarted.  We plan to test new debris generation algorithm + few smaller and minor fixes and improvements.

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