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 on: March 14, 2019, 09:31:40 PM 
Started by chris.smith - Last post by Dobq


 on: March 13, 2019, 06:56:38 PM 
Started by LastPhoenix - Last post by KL500H
I spotted some errors interputing server connectivity since last S4 restar. It occurs at random hours with single actions like harvesting debris or sending attacks.When acces to server back mechs which i sent to fight were unable to automatically return to city. I had to return them from no-existing NPC for myself and that took them 30 minutes although distance was 2.0. So the question is : What priority has S4 ? Is there any sense to register on this server to play(&provide data (propably) required) to test new improvment/stuff? For now I can only complain about constantly breaking acces to the games server.

 on: March 12, 2019, 07:20:21 AM 
Started by LastPhoenix - Last post by Robert-MH
It was fixed. Thank you.

 on: March 12, 2019, 03:41:25 AM 
Started by LastPhoenix - Last post by LastPhoenix
At the home/sign in screen when I click “Join game” there are 2 Options for S4.

 on: March 11, 2019, 11:36:34 AM 
Started by Robert-MH - Last post by Robert-MH
Server Beta (S4) was restarted.

No changes visible for players. It has new architecture and several changes implemented to cooperate with mobile apps.

[UPDATE] Server was stopped as we observed issues with creating NPC's. We'll notify you when this will be fixed.
[UPDATE2] Issue was fixed and server was restarted.

 on: February 24, 2019, 10:14:29 PM 
Started by Storm - Last post by Robert-MH
Thank you for your honest feedback.  I'll try to answer you generally, avoiding going into details.

We can can develop this game as it is, but technology very, very limits us. 

We decided to acquire this game with one, clear goal. Make this as 3D, modern game, available on all main platforms (Android, Steam, Applestore, etc.). We believe that entering just on first platform, having potential millions of players, change the situation dramatically.

We work on some new features, new equipment, removing bugs, etc. but main priority and focus is on developing MH 2.0. I wish we could make development progress faster. That's obvious, but we have limited resources. We'll touch this and share more soon on youtube channel and reveal also sth exciting details from "behind the scene".

 on: February 24, 2019, 09:48:35 PM 
Started by Storm - Last post by Robert-MH
More I am thinking about that more I am against additional mech limits, having in place mechanism designed for that - cells consumption. What is needed is to seal this mechanism to prevent using any tricks and hacks.

My main concern is - why additionally limit max number of units for players having will and time to play more, which allow them to maintain bigger armies.

 on: February 23, 2019, 04:59:43 PM 
Started by Storm - Last post by TheDude
If there were to be a mech limit based on the number of cities, it should be more along the lines of 50 mechs for first city, and 5 more allowed for each additional city. But you already know I am against mech limits vs city.

If the idea here is to reduce max amounts of mech a player can have there is a better way. You can put a cell modifier on every additional mech. As you make more mechs, it changes the base requirement for every single mech in your army. The owners can fudge this modifier to get a theoritical max nunber of mech you could have.

For example, you make one nova, base cost per hour is 1600 cells. Make 2 nova (anywhere, in any city) and now it costs 1700 cells per nova per hour. Make 3 nova, and now it costs 1800 cells per nova per hour. On the 50th nova, it would cost 6500 cells per nova per hour, or 325,000 cells per hour for a 50 nova army. AS it is now, it would only cost 80,000 cells for 50 nova per hour.

This is a much better way IMO. For those who argue, 'what about having different chassis, how does this affect increased cell consumption. I suppose you could increase by chassis class, but you could also increase by set amount based on chassis, no matter what chassis you build (have a nova, and build a raptor, then the nova just increased 100 cells, does not matter what chassis you build). Of course, building a raptor would not increase raptor cell usage by 100, maybe only 10 cell per hour. So something lie this...

For each additional mech, cell consuumption be chassis increases as follows:
raptor +10
puma +25
athlas +40
spider +60
nemesis +75
nova +100

You take the number of total mechs you have and every type of mech bases cell usage is modified as above. As example, you have 10 mechs, 3 raptors, 3 spiiders, a nemesis and 3 nova. Every raptor will use +100 cells, every spider will use +600 cells, every nemesis will use +750 cells, every nova will use +1000 cells.

This kind of base cell modifier will require alot of thinking. What I suggest here is an example only, and I already see lower end mechs will have to be reduced.

Hope this makes sense to everyone.

 on: February 21, 2019, 07:54:20 PM 
Started by Storm - Last post by Storm
TheDude, what I suggested was not 20 mechs per city.  20 for first city only, so with your 20 cities you would have a max of 200+10 for 210 mechs max.  Getting to 20 cities is not an easy feat. 

If you lose a city, then you are above cap until a mech dies.  You just cannot create more if you are at/above your mech limit based on cities.  I did post a list of suggestion on another thread.  The ideas will probably be bashed and ignored, but something needs to happen.  Getting/Keeping new players is very important.

Because of AB weapons this is a bashing game right now.  There really is no way to defend against that unless changes happen.  I honestly think limiting mechs will lower game hacking (using tricks to circumvent the system or flavor of the game). 

Also, what do you think about the idea of each player being able to 'Move' their starting city to a non-occupied grid for 30 credits?  This would be a once per game per starting city per player only.  This could generate more credits for the devs, I'm sure it would be used, and could add a type of new strategy to the game.


 on: February 21, 2019, 07:08:42 PM 
Started by Storm - Last post by Storm

I have constantly watched as this game loses players and is dying.  The biggest issue is player bashing.  The game needs to change if it is going to survive.  Every time I suggest a change it gets bogged down with other suggestions and nothing is every done.  If you change some or all of the below suggestions, I Guarantee the game will improve with new players.  I really want the game to survive.  I don't want to discuss what will work or not.  I know the below items can improve the game.  If you only implement 1 of the changes that will be a start.

You cannot AB attack or be AB attacked if you have 5 or fewer cities. 
If you have 6 or more cities you can be AB attacked and you can AB attack yourself.
Any city that contains a rocket can be AB by anyone that can AB attack.

You must be 3 cities (number city difference) from target for an attack. 
If you have 5 cities you can attack someone with 8 cities or as low as 2 cities.
Any player with 10 or more cities can attack and be attacked by anyone else with 10 or more cities.

Max number of mechs based on cities.  20 for first city, 10 for each additional city.  (or some variation of this)
If you lose a city you keep # of mechs you have until they are destroyed, you just cannot create new mechs if at/over limit.

Remove sitter option.

Notify by email when under attack:  allow option to add a different email.  This allows for phone text messaging without SMS

option. email address would send my phone a text message.

auto # of harvesters needed to harvest a debris, make this standard and remove from SHA. 
The game should be pay for benefits, not pay to play.

Transform Resources:  standard transform time without SHA should be x5 time where SHA is currently x10. 
This is the min change as without SHA resource transformation is broken.  Current reduced efficiency is acceptable.

Resource pile should be lootable only by one who created it for first 2 hours and anyone after that.
Resource piles should dissappear after 12 hours.
Resource piles do not combine.  If no open area for pile, it does not form.

BIG THANKS for taking the time to read and consider this.  There are always other changes that can happen, but these are game changers and will improve play.  If you are afraid to make changes then implement these changes on only one server like say S3, and see how it does after a few games.

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