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Title: a New Mech
Post by: KarelPopi on April 21, 2019, 10:21:19 PM
I was just thinking about what could also make MH much better and I came up with an idea to add a brand new mech. It would be a high technology mech with just only 1200 HPs. His priority would be a shield with 2300 combined durability points (it also would fully regenerate after each battle like all other shields). And thanx to his low base durability he would be able to cary and extreme weight of 1200 in base and 1500 at top capacity upgrade while moving in high speed 10. His researches required would be: lvl 3 chemistry, lvl 8 AI unit with lvl 8 robotic workshop, lvl 4 force field lab and lvl 2 particle accelerator. For his construction lvl 9 mech factory would be a must. I expect an optimal production cost about 500K crystals, 250K gas and 50K cells while production time is 12 hours. The cells usage is pretty high becouse of such a shield have pretty big energy consumation, about 4000 units per hour. I call this mech "The Conquerror"
Title: Re: a New Mech
Post by: KarelPopi on April 21, 2019, 10:27:06 PM
Forget to note, When his shield is active his armaent won't lose durability like it is for other shields and if this shield is depleted It will take 5 rearming cycles to set the shield back, while each cycle return him a bit of durability.
Title: Re: a New Mech
Post by: Robert-MH on April 23, 2019, 08:53:50 PM
Thank you KarelPopi for bringing new idea.

You proposed in fact two new equipment items (if I understood you correctly)
1) New Mech Chasis - 1200 HP, 1200 capacity(!), speed 10
2) New Shield (+1200 HP for energy weapons), dedicated only for this mech.

What would be main purpose of the mech? Anti-Energy weapons killer? Why such big capacity?

I see new mech potential in other game space. Game lack of mid sized, super fast mech (speed ca. 25-30, relatively high energy consumption, ca. 1000-1200 HP).

Such mech would introduce at least 2 benefits into game:
1) Increase players alliance cooperation. Much more capabilities to support other players when attacked. Every or some players can have a "Rapid Task Force" ready to attack/support when called. Now this is rather Spider Tanks role, but new mech could be must faster.
2) Make easier reach out long distance opponent cities. This is now a challenge as smart players locate 2nd and next cities far, far away.
Title: Re: a New Mech
Post by: KarelPopi on April 26, 2019, 01:11:34 PM
Hello mr. Robert,
Thanks for your reply and time but sorry, You don't understand me correctly, I admit I may not wrote it very clearly but the term combined durability shield was meant that it can block both physical and energy dmg. The purpose and benefit of this mech would be that it doesn't need any extra shield so it can focus building full weapons and transport platforms. The shield would be acting as his HPs (it is same as hp, it is on mech since he is produced and it doesn't take any space) but it regenerate after evry battle (except for the one where is shield beeing destroyed, but if it is only repaired by 1 cycle it will still fully regenerate after next attack). This mech will allow player to quickly rush almost anything without much need to worry and to rearm or repair mech while holding extreme combat power. This would be a perfect mid range mech equiped for example with Railgun 2s for some solo attcking and as a support for some long ranged mechs as well as it can be used with some other mechs and holding some nice long range firepower. Nowdays if you build ranged mechs and some close range mechs, enemy can hurt rangeds so much. This mech would be thanks to his regenerating abilities and firepower almost invincible to them and be safe while alowing some other mid ranged (example bios) to rush enemy rangers instead of protecting them. This mech would also disallow enemies to spam-rush city in order to destroy some strong mech (spamming fe. atlas or st with jetpacks to destroy enemy nova). This mech would also be used to make some stronger NPC bases without need for too many mechs (making games a bit longer and placing upto 100k NPCs on other planets easily possible). This is also one problem it would fix. Sometimes when players want to simulate some battle it is beeing not possible since there is a limit for mech numbers (Just simply inicrasing the number would be much easier but you would not listen to it  :-\)
Title: Re: a New Mech
Post by: KarelPopi on April 26, 2019, 01:30:23 PM
Btw mr. Robert,
what you said about those mid size fast mechs, I don't think this would be something implementable in game, if you make some mech with atleast 300 capacity to not let it be useless it can easily have 9 Power Claws with 1 Advanced Deffence System and 1 Complete Force Field it can crush anything and I don't see a way to make it balanced excpet for making it slower in combat which would make it a quick transporting spider tank.
Title: Re: a New Mech
Post by: KarelPopi on April 26, 2019, 03:10:40 PM
When we are talking about transporting mechs in some smart speed, I also had an idea. I am sorry I couldn't say it while I was responing, my train went to my station so I had to go. Fast ways of transporting units are pretty complicated since if you boost mech speed, he will be stronger in fight too. My idea was to finish mech size values and add a new vehicle to transport mechs. which is 1st one. 2nd one is to add a new building which would be a "Teleporter Altar". Altar would be advanced building which would let you to transport anything to any city with Altar in it with one condition. To transport something to another player's city, you must be on the whitelist. Aliance members are automaticly whitelisted, but can be manualy removed out of list. On whitelist would be limit, all members of yours aliance and 5 players who aren't in same aliance, "other players". Other players limit would be inicrased by upgrading planetary council building. Teleporting would take some time (for example 2mins) and there would be some time before teleporter can be used again. Teleporter would also have a limited capacity.